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Gst Offences Penalties


Analysis of Interest on Reversal when Payment Not Made in 180 Days

Recipient of goods/services should pay to the supplier (Including Taxes), within 180 days from the date of issue of invoice, else the Input Credit shall be reversed.


Modify, Cancel and Reject E Way Bills under GST after 24 Hours

The consignor can only cancel an e-Way Bill within 24 hours from the generation. The person who has generated the e-Way Bill can cancel that e-Way Bill, once an e-Way Bill is verified by an officer it cannot be cancelled.


Frauds Under Goods And Service Tax

Frauds Under Goods And Service Tax. Major Areas Where Frauds Under Goods And Service Tax Evolved are Input tax credit, Invoices and Refunds. A fraud could take the form of misstatement of information.


Transportation of Goods under GST - Specific Taxability Issues

GTA (Goods Transport Agency) as a supplier is engaged in providing transport services to customers. In this article, we discuss specific taxability issues relating to transportation of goods under GST.

Sakshi Jain
By: Sakshi Jain

16 days ago