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Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC)

CBIC is the central body for issuing notifications on various Indirect Taxes including Customs and circulates the notification in a timely manner on their website

One can find notification relating to CBIC GST, Customs central excise, service tax & international travellers in India.

Latest notification on invoicing

As per CBIC HSN Code notification, registered taxpayers with aggregate turnover in the preceding financial year exceeding INR 5 crore would be required to issue invoices based on 6-Digit HSN code instead 4-Digit HSN code. It is mandatory to specify the number of digits of HSN Code for goods & Services.

As per latest CBIC GST notification 2021, CBIC GST Rate are as follows: -

  • 5% Gst
  • 12% Gst
  • 18% Gst
  • 28% Gst

There were further amendments to the GST rate due to covid essential goods and services.

There are further CBIC exchange rate notifications relevant to corresponding foreign currency which will regulate trade between nations and are widely accepted.

The exchange rate helps regulate import and export within the country.

A great initiative by the government is promoting digital India by providing CBIC login through ICE GATE where you can login and submit documents related to various customs.

For easy access to the CBIC notification you can visit where a glossary of the latest CBIC notification is compiled and all the latest updates have been made available.

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