Invoice OCR Software & APIs to Automate Data Extraction from Invoice during Processing

Use AI & ML powered OCR software or APIs to extract data from any type of Invoice template. Adopt an Intelligent Way to Automate Invoice processing.


1.Save up to 90% of your time


Save up to 90% of your time

2.Save cost


Save cost

3.Reduce errors and increase productivity


Reduce errors and increase productivity

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REST Invoice OCR APIs for Integration with any software with Invoice Processing API

Send Invoice PDFs and Images and receive structured data ready for automated entry in ERPs and other softwares with this Invoice automation APIs


What is Invoice OCR?

Invoice OCR or ocr invoice processing is the way of text extraction from images & PDFs of an invoice. In simple terms, it scan invoices PDF or Image and extracts the data by converting it into text. With the help of Invoice ocr api the solution connects with ERP and Sync the invoice data to ERP easily. ocr invoices automates ocr invoice processing and also simplifies accounts payable processes.

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OCR invoice scanning software has improved the extract pdf to text OCR outcome, and help OCR reads decode the fields from the scanned invoices easily in Less time. With the help of ML and AI Manual data entry work of Extracting PDF has reduced.

Artificial Intelligence in OCR for invoice processing trains Machine learning algorithms to understand and extract data from unstructured invoices into correct formats and make entry of data into the respective fields. This reduces human intervention or manual data entry of invoices

Text OCR with the help of AI & ML improves operational efficiency, reduces costs & data entry errors and helps in optimization of workflow.

Why Should You Choose Master India Invoice OCR API Software for Invoicing?

  1. Security and encription of account payable ocr
  2. Master India API software privides you with a safety solution to the ocr Accounts payable process having ISO audited so there is no possible data leakage and all the sensitive information is encrypted which protects it from fraudulent activity.

  3. Cost Effective
  4. Master India API software gives you a cost effective solution since it is budget friendly and very affordable which also makes it a cost attractive solutions nowadays for the business.

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  5. Streamlined and centralized
  6. All the data collected are integrated into various reports for better analytical decision and desired outcome for effective business process.

  7. Customer support
  8. Wonderful customer support provided which makes Master India API software very user friendly.

  9. Effective workflow of transaction
  10. Provides effective infrastructure to the customer for smooth transactions and process and uninterrupted flow of data is provided to the customer.

How does it work?

  • Image Pre-processing: In this step, non-scanned PDF invoices or Images of Invoices are scanned and the PDF file is turned into JPG files with better resolution or 300 DPI. In this step, multiple pre-processing.
  • Text Detection: Once we have the complete invoice data, the extracted data is fed to the detection model, which can recognize the tables, and forms within the input images.
  • Text Recognition: In this step the system recognizes the data which involves identifying the location from where it will get the desired field data. Like Product name, invoice number, quantity etc.
  • The final step is Texts/Information Extraction: Here OCR Text extracts the data from the regions like header or table and tries to fill the respective fields with the data.
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  • Role of AI & ML in data extraction to improve accuracy- After the text is recognized with the help of AI, ML comes into picture which converts this text language into a more structured and machine readable language in your system. ML hence converts the unstructured text into a more structured language which a software would understand.



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