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What is GSTIN and How to Verify?

GSTIN is your legal business identity with the government of India in the GST regime and since it is mandatory for businesses to have it, there are instances, where people tend to manipulate and use a fake GSTIN.

It is getting tougher each day for the businesses [both B2C and B2B] to operate without GSTIN, when there is so much buzz around GST these days. The businesses do not want to be seen as violators but also do not wish to be a part of the new taxation regime. This is leading to an illegal and hazardous scenario, wherein the so called GST invoice reflects the GSTIN ID with the proper CGST+SGST break-up and the tax is collected from the consumer, but doesn’t head towards the government, because it is fake. This is much more than simple tax evasion and could be termed as a robbery using mass’s ignorance towards GSTIN and how easy and quick is it to verify GSTIN.

Verifying GSTIN with few clicks is the need of the hour to ensure that your paid taxes land up in the right pockets. It is also your opportunity to contribute towards nation building in your individual capacity.


It is high and a good time to increase your awareness about GSTIN, its quick authentication and related facts:

Patterns of misusing GSTIN:

There is a trending perception across the society, that post GST almost everything has become costlier by 12% – 18%. This opinion stemmed from ignorance is giving a section of the SMB business a kick of illegal revenues, though for the short time and thinking that they can play with the new mechanism.

There have been instances reported from the B and C category of cities, in which a merchant is charging 1-2 bucks extra on the daily commodities, in the name of GST and consumers in a situation of dilemma are forced to shed and that too without an invoice.

There have been reports of restaurants using a fake GSTIN ID being mentioned in the invoice and collecting full tax but not passing it to the government. As soon as the customer sees an alphanumeric ID under the GSTIN heading with CGST + SGST terms, he is ready to pay, without bothering about the authenticity of it. Probably, because since ever [pre GST era] there was not any mechanism to check the registration, while standing at the cash counter itself. The customer perceives it to be the same with GST too. And that, is the gap, the fake GSTIN holders use, to serve their greed.

Such instances of fooling the consumers are on the surge while hitting the government revenues big time.

Verify the GSTIN online instantly:

The GST, a 100% online module has the remedy and GST number verification is just a few taps on your smartphone and you’re fed with the details within few seconds. There are two ways to verify GSTIN online instantly:

GSTIN structure:

It has also come to notice that the guys have devised innovative ways to fool people and ultimately the government. They just put an alpha-numeric code, against the GSTIN heading to dupe the consumers, which unarguably resembles a GSTIN. It is also critical to know, how a GSTIN is structured to spot any malpractices. Let us see, what constitutes a 15 character GSTIN.


Knowing the above bifurcation can also come to help, when you’re in a dilemma about the authenticity of the GSTIN, while paying at the cash counter of your local merchant.

Where and how to complain for fake GSTIN?

Should you ever come across and spot any deviation about the GSTIN, you must know that you can also be a whistle blower. You can let the authorities [Gurgaon / Noida] know of the illegality by e-mailing them and also call them at | +91 124 4688999 / +91 120 4888999.

Consumers must make efforts while paying any invoice to ensure that the GSTIN number mentioned on the invoice exists at to ensure that their hard earned money goes to the right pockets, when paying a GST invoice.

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