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E Invoicing API

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E-Invoice API

The e-invoice system is a system that is there for all the GST registered people. They can upload their B2B invoices on the IRP ie Invoice Registration Portal. The IRP then generates and returns a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), digitally signed e-invoice and QR code to the user.

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GST E-Invoice API

Invoicing API with reference to the E-invoicing system is to facilitate the communication and exchange of data between taxpayers or GSPs (GST Suvidha Providers), and the e-invoice system. As per API specifications, two separate software components are required to work with each other to facilitate E-invoice API and to provide GST services to taxpayers. The e-invoicing India system uses RESTful web services to provide various services to taxpayers such as filing of returns, registration, viewing ledgers and making online payments etc.

Purpose of using Online Invoicing API under GST

E-invoice API is convenient for taxpayers. With the help of it, they can use third-party applications that provide a variety of interfaces on desktops and on laptops and mobiles to connect with the GST filing system. These third-party applications connect with the GST filing system portal via e-invoice API to provide smooth, better and convenient facilities to the GST taxpayers.

E-invoice API providers help taxpayers to generate their e-invoices under their respective ERP software and the taxpayer then report the same on the IRP i.e Invoice Registration Portal. The IRP has constructed the e-invoice process via an API mode. The taxpayers now with the help of the e-invoice API can generate e-invoices directly through their system.

Users of E-Invoice API

Taxpayers and GSPs can use e-invoicing API under GST portal to adhere to various GST compliances. However there are some exemptions too from e-invoicing and QR code generation. Sectors such as insurance, banking, financial and NBFCs, GTA, passenger transportation services and movie tickets have been granted exemption. It means they are not mandatorily required to generate e-inovicing and QR code.

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Different types of APIs

There are different types of APIs are available. These are given below:-

  • Authentication
  • Generate invoice Reference Number (IRN)
  • Cancel IRN
  • Get IRN details
  • Generate e-way bill by IRN
  • Get GSTIN details
  • Cancel E-way bill
  • Sync GSTIN details from CP (Common Portal)
  • Get e-way bill details by IRN
  • Get IRN details by document details
  • Health API

Advantages or benefits of using Master India’s E-invoicing API

Master India’s e-invoice api support team is very prompt in replying queries and in resolving disputes. There are so many advantages and benefits of using Master India’s e-invoice api. These are given below:-

  • Master India provides so many APIs for generating e-invoices for the taxpayers. This becomes easy and convenient for the taxpayers to generate their e-invoice bills.
  • It provides a smooth and obstacle free integration between the ERP and the e-invoice system.
  • APIs avoid the duplicacy or double entry of invoices.
  • APIs eliminate and reduce the scope of errors during the entry of the invoices.
  • Master India’s e-invoice api enables the taxpayers to enter the data just once in their ERP and thereafter the APIs will transfer this data to the GST portals on its own without requiring external support or help.
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