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To pay gst online use online tax payment software and make the GST Payment easily.

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Commercial Cards

Commercial Cards

Pre funded cards issues by Banking Giants like ICICI and SBI

Secure Payouts

Secure Payouts

Masters India ensures secure transfer of funds to the Indian Govt



No transaction fee to be charged for payments through card



36 Lakhs saving annually on monthly tax payments of 100 crores

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GST Payment Modes

GST Payment can be made either online or offline to make GST payment online businesses first assess the requirement. If a user wants to pay gst online then, the user has to log in the GST portal and select the mode of payment or pay using by selecting the popular bank.

Offline the GST Payment can be made through NEFT, RTGS or by using OTC. The time limit of GST Payment process is 20 days from the end of the month.

Before payment GST Challan generation is important and to generate GST Challan payment for both the online or offline, to generate a GST Challan and download the GST Challan form and filled the information to submit it to the bank and then make the payment by using payment form, then further process bank will do and update your payment.

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Key Point: Key Bulb IconTo make the GST process faster, more efficient, and convenient. Use the latest GST return filing software, and Masters India's GST auto tax software. Check out Masters India'sGST Software

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