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Bill of Entry - PDF to Excel Converter

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What is A BOE?

BOE is the acronym for ‘Bill Of Entry’. This is a statutory document that has to be registered by exporters, importers or custom clearance agents with the Customs department on or before the shipment’s arrival. The BOE has to be submitted for goods imported for home consumption as well as for bond clearance.

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Who Should Apply For BOE?

  • Exporters,
  • Importers,
  • Businesses acquiring goods from Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and selling them within India.

How is BOE Generated or How to Download Bill of Entry

In brief, an authorised person has to apply for a BOE on the ICEGATE portal. While filing for the BOE, the details of goods, value, quantity, exemption details, customs tariff and related details have to be submitted. The portal will do the required checks in the backend and generate a BOE number, and the Bill of Entry Download will then be available in a PDF format.

How Is The BOE Used?

The authorised person should present the original bill of entry (customs copy) and duty-paid challan and supporting import documents to the proper officer of customs so that the officer can sanction an order to permit the clearance of the goods.

Furthermore, the details available in the BOE can be used to generate the purchase ledger and e-Way Bills. However, when the BOE is in PDF format, these details will have to be entered manually. To help Taxpayers minimise manual work, we have developed the ‘BOE Excel Generator also known as ’PDF to Excel Converter’, a web-based free tool which converts pdf to excel online. In addition to this, we have also upgraded our flagship product autoTax to support Bill of Entry Format in excel. This tool/feature will help Taxpayers convert the BOEs that are in PDF format into an excel file with no data loss and a single click.

Benefits Of Using ‘BOE PDF to Excel Converter Online’

Once the BOE is available in the .xls (Excel) format, Taxpayers can:

  • Directly convert pdf to excel and can import the Bill of Entry calculation in Excel file into their ERP and generate the purchase ledger within minutes.
  • Generate e-Way Bills with minimum manual entry. This is possible because most of the details required to generate EWBs are already available in the BOE, and once this BOE is imported into the ERP, the details can be auto-populated.
  • Reconcile the stock register with the purchase ledger directly from the ERP.
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How To Use The BOE Excel Generator?

We have simplified this tool to its best. On this tool page, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Click on ‘Choose File’ and upload the PDF version of the BOE.

Bill of Entry

Step 2: Click on ‘Download’

Bill of Entry

On clicking the download button, the file will be converted instantaneously and will be downloaded within seconds. The best part is, the file name will remain the same. Easy to locate and navigate!

So what are you waiting for? Get started right away and minimise your efforts.

BOE Excel Generator - Web-Based Tool vs autoTax

FeatureWeb-Based ToolautoTax
Convert PDF BOEs to excelYesYes
Restrictions - ConversionsOnly 5 conversions per IP allowedUnlimited conversions allowed
Restrictions - SizeFile size limited up to 500 kbNo restrictions on size
Bulk upload of BOENot possiblePossible
E-Way Bill generationNot possiblePossible
Previous LogsNoYes

Six Main Product Features.

  1. Easy Conversion from Pdf to Excel- Masters India’s free web-based BOI converter helps in the transmission of BOE from Pdf to Excel smoothly and seamlessly.
  2. Supports Bill of Entry Format in Excel- Its upgraded product auto-tax supports the bill of entry format in excel and minimises the manual work of taxpayers.
  3. Generates the purchase ledger within minutes- Masters India’s BOE tool converts pdf to excel efficiently and imports the BOE calculation excel file into taxpayers ERP within a few minutes. It’s a very fast process.
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  5. Simplification of BOE generation- With this online tool, one can easily generate the Bill of Entry without any hassle.
  6. Secured Conversion- Our online tool is quite easy to access and can be accessed from any browser. Also, it is secured and virus free.
  7. Hustle free with fewer compliances- Our product tool provides hustle-free, and simplified download of BOE with fewer complications.
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