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Eway Bill API to Make Eway Bill Generation Easy

If your E way bill registration is completed, use E way bill APIs for hassle free eway bill generation in your ERP or system.

Eway Bill API to Make Eway Bill Generation Easy

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What is E Way Bill?

E way or E way bill refers to the global electronic compliance System or digital interface by which a person can upload the e-receipts of the inter or intra-transfer of goods. The e-way bill is necessary and is required for the smooth transport and facilitation of goods from one place to another. It can be generated on the Eway bill portal or you can do e way bill API integration in your system and do eway bill generation.

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It is for the movement and transportation of goods whose value exceeds 50,000. It is only exempted under rules and notifications given under the GST act. e way bill registration is required, and only the registered GST users can generate the e way bill online. 

E Way Bill Registration

In order to Generate E way bill online you must be registered as a GST portal as a business or Transporters or supplier. If your E way bill registration is complete then you are eligible for eway bill generation online either through E way bill portal or Eway bill API or any other way. For E way bill registration you have GSTIN then a proper record or e way bill access could be possible to the receiver or Transporter. Through eway registration, they will know who has generated the  Eway against them and you can check & manage, and update the E way bills as per requirement.

What Is E Way Bill Registration Process and E Way Bill New Registration

Get s dive into the e-way bill registration process how can you complete this at e way bill portal easily? Below are the steps for e way bill registration, for registered businesses as follows:

  1. Your GSTIN and Mobile No. should register with the GST portal.
  2. Visit and Log on to
  3. Click on "e-Way Bill Registration"
  4. Enter your GSTIN number and click "Go"
  5. Once your request is submitted, you will be redirected to an e-way bill registration form.
  6. In the form, your name as "Applicant Name", business name "Trade Name", "Address" and "Mobile Number" will be auto-populated.
  7. Then, Click on "Send OTP", and you will receive on the registered mobile number. Once the OTP is received, enter the OTP on the system. 
  8. Next, enter OTP and click on "Verify OTP", once the OTP will be validated, and all the details will be verified on the e-way bill portal.
  9. Provide a User ID or User Name, in order to complete e way bill new registration on the e-way bill portal.
  10. Once a request for e way bill new registration is submitted. E-way bill portal will validate whether the given User ID or User Name exists or not.
  11. Once the User ID or User Name is approved by the e-way bill portal, you will receive a Password. 
  12. Once both User ID / User Name and Password are validated and approved, the final registration request is submitted. This completes the process of e way bill registration process.

Ways to Create an Eway Bill

There are various ways for eway bill generation such as via Eway bill portal, E way bill software, mobile app, eway bill API integration, bulk upload or through e way bill developer portal, these modes we can say to generate e way bill online from one place.

E-way Bill Requirements

The E-way bill consists of two parts.

PART-A of eway bill generation requests details such as place of delivery, recipient’s GSTIN, goods value, invoice, challan number, receipt number, HSN code and other details etc. In PART-A these are some of the essential information is needed to be filled in.

PART-B It consists and comprises details related to transports. These details are the Vehicle number and transporter ID. These details are mandatory for eway bill generation. Also Transporter e way bill registration should complete to create an Eway bill.

When the goods are supplied through the supplier, the supplier is supposed to fill PART-A of the eway bill generation form. The PART-B must be left vacant for transport. The transporter will then fill rest of the details of the form. If during the transit, the vehicle is changed, then the transporter is required to update the details of the conveyance in the eway bill generation form on the Eway bill portal.

What is Eway Bill API?

API stands or is an abbreviated form for Application Programming Interface. It is a set up of definitions and protocols that are required for building software. The e-way bill API integration is crucial to facilitate smooth and convenient communication between taxpayers or transporters system's e-way bill system.

The eway bill API acts as an interface to generate, update, cancel or reject an e way bill which can be generated on the eway bill developer portal. It allows two separate applications to communicate with each other. Generally Eway-bill APIs act as a messenger that provides any information to you and sends back the responses.

Eway bill API works on two different and separate environments,

  • E-way bill sandbox environment
  • E-way bill production environment
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Benefits of E-way Bill API in Eway Bill Generation

Below are the very basic advantages and benefits of E-way bill integration for the eway bill generation from the Eway bill portal.

  • It reduces manual labour, costs, and requires lesser human intervention. E way bill API is generally more cost-effective and is efficient for eway bill generation.
  • API removes any scope of mistakes or errors. Because as it is mentioned, it is lesser manually operated and is more computer-based.As it is computer operated, it avoids duplicity of bills and invoices.
  • Eway bill APIs let developers or users modify and customise their e-way bills as per their business requirements and needs.
  • E way bill API reduces your dependency on the government E way bill portal. If you have e way bill registration, then you can enable from GST portal and do e way bill API integration into your existing ERP or system and do eway bill generation any time.

These are some of the very basic advantages and benefits of E-way bill integration for the generation of e-way bills from the GST portal.

Advantages of Using Master India’s E Way Bill API

Master India’s as a eway bill API providers provides highly efficient and cost effective E way Bill API. Which has the following advantages given below.

  • It provides secured and encrypted e-way bill APIs.
  • Masters India e way bill API price is cost-effective and investment-friendly. You can try way bill API free for testing purposes.
  • It provides business reliability and stability with the GST Suvidha Provider (GSP).
  • It provides 24/7 fast and reliable communication support.
  • Apart from all this Master India provides proper documentation (e-way docs) and extended support for quick eway bill API integration.
  • Master India ensures smooth integration of E way bill API without must hustle.
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To build your own e way bill generation system you can purchase e way bill APIs from eway bill API providers. e-way bill API price is very minimal and for testing purposes you can take a few e way bill API free of cost. Once you complete the e way bill API integration into your system then you can enable your e way bill registration from the GST portal for E way bill generation from your Eway bill portal.

So in a nutshell, we can conclude that eway bill API makes the process convenient, smooth and faster and provides a smooth gateway connection between transporters and taxpayers. It makes the process of eway bill generation very easy.


How do I get an API for my e way Bill?

You can purchase Eway bill API from E way bill API providers.

How do I download my EWAY bill in bulk?

To download E way bill in bulk, the user can use Generate E-Way Bills in Bulk (where Max Limit is 1000) With this API User can generate Eway bills in bulk and the maximum limit at one time is 1000 eway bills.

What is API in eWay bill?

API stands or is an abbreviated form for Application Programming Interface. It is a set up of definitions and protocols that are required for building software.

How do I generate an e way bill for bulk items?

To generate bulk item in E way bill - simply upload the excel sheet that contains line item info and upload it into e way bill portal.

How do I access my EWAY bill API?

Purchase Eway bill API from API Providers and get the Acces to use into your system.

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