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Invitation to Submit Guest Articles on Masters India

Join the list of esteemed authors by submitting your articles/blog on Ask Masters:

Masters India invites aspiring content creators and motivated professionals to submit articles/ blogs/ analysis/ opinions on the following topics:

  • GST/ Customs Act and other Indirect Taxes
  • Income tax and International taxation
  • Tax saving investment options
  • Case Law summaries
  • Accounting Standards including IndAs, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Auditing Standards including Standards on Internal Auditing
  • Legal Opinions

How can Masters India help you?

The ultimate aim of introducing this platform is to bridge the knowledge gap between professionals and taxpayers. This platform will act as a catalyst and encourage content writers and professionals to disseminate information that will help create a close-knit community where one can benefit from the shared data.

Masters India is a licensed GST Suvidha Provider. We invest a lot of resources and energy in curating the right content for our readers. We intend to provide a platform for enthusiastic content creators to showcase their knowledge in the form of high-quality content.

How can you benefit from the Ask Masters Platform?

  • Good readership
  • Proper credits, including a footer with your name, professional summary and photo with back-links (if any).
  • Increase Exposure and build brand awareness with the help of social sharing and organic reach.
  • High-quality articles get a free social boost (ad) from our side, which means your content reaches a more extensive set of audience.

Authors must ensure:

  • We follow stringent policies to ensure the content published on our website is free of plagiarism. Please make sure that you do not copy content from other sources.
  • The word range should be between 700-2000 words.
  • The post must contain:
  • Title
    • Proper headings and subheadings
    • Relevant images (if any)
    • Name of the writer
    • Professional Summary
    • Image
    • Link to your website (if any)
  • We approve one back-link only with a no-follow tag.
  • Every submitted content is reviewed and subject to approval. We shall intimate the same through email.

How to get started?

If you’re interested in writing for us, kindly send us an email at with your content (in word document), name and contact details.

You can also register on our Ask Masters portal and submit your content.

We also have a community of professionals who assist in solving GST related queries. If you wish to participate, please visit,

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