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QR code Scanner & reader to read the QR code information on mobile & Web from E Invoice QR Code Scanners are the easiest way to read QR code data. E Invoice Scanner to read the Qr code information of einvoice

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QR Code Scanner & Reader

Masters India qr code reader is Pre-Trained AI & ML Model · It has No Template dependency · it is 100% AI · Try Now - Drag and drop or Upload an E invoice in PDF or Image and see the OCR in action

We support pdf, png, jpeg formats. (Max 10MB)

qr supplier gstin


qr buyer gstin


qr invoice number


qr invoice value


qr invoice date


qr total item


qr hsn code


qr hash code


Currently we are showing limited extracted data from Invoice , for more fields data, and to Automate data extraction

Results of this einvoice invoice QR Code Scanner & Reader can be improved by further training on e invoices dataset provided by the customer. Masters India also provides custom training to improve results in specific cases.Our qr code scanner online free usage is limited to 5 documents on daily basis and show limited field data for more data - Request Callback

QR Code Scanner API

You can test our QR Code reader API on your own JPG, PNG or PDF files. To try out Masters India QR Code Scanner APIs by yourself, you can view the api document. Try out for our qr code scanner api free. you require credentials. If you want a custom plan or have any question, Before making any API calls Request Callback

Test Our Invoice QR Code Scanner API in sandbox - View Documentation

How To Use qr code reader

Below steps will explain the use of qr code scanner online free

  • Upload files in qr code reader

    Add a PDF or Image/PNG containing QR codes by either dragging it to the upload of box qr code scanner or click on the Upload option and add file

  • OCR will scan qr code from image & PDF

    Once you Click on the “Upload files” button, after a file upload qr code scanner scan QR codes from your file. First Masters India OCR QR code scanner will find QR codes from all the pages of PDF or Image and convert them into a text file and show the output.

  • Download or view results

    View and verify the qr code reader extracted data in a text file or in the table. Once verified download the QR code extracted data

QR code reader Extracted data

GSTIN of recipient/buyer

GSTIN of supplier

Invoice number as given by supplier in his/her internal system

Date of the generation of invoice

Invoice value (taxable value and gross tax)

Number of line items

HSN Code of the main item (the line item having the highest taxable value)

Unique Invoice Reference Number (hash)

Digital signature of IRP

GST Return Filing API

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An E Invoice QR Code Scanner is a mobile app through which user can scan and read QR codes data of E Invoices, which are digital versions of traditional paper invoices.

By using a QR Code Scanner, businesses and individuals can easily access the information contained in an E Invoice, such as thE Invoice number, the amount owed, and the date it was issued.

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Key Point: Key Bulb IconE Invoicing Software, Generate and Manage E-Invoicing directly from your ERP with thisE-Invoicing Software.

An E-Invoice App is a digital tool that allows businesses scan the QR code present in E Invoice. This type of app can help businesses extract the information from the QR code and reducing the risk of errors, save time. An E Invoice Scanner is a type of mobile app that allows users to scan QR codes found on electronic invoices and retrieve the information contained within them.

What is QR Code?

QR code, which stands for Quick Response codes, is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read by smartphones and other devices equipped with a QR Code Scanner.

The use of QR codes on invoice is becoming increasingly common, as it allows for faster and more efficient processing of invoice information.

One example of an E Invoice Scanner is the Masters India E Invoice QR Code Scanner App, which is available for download on both the the Google Play Store and Apple App Store The app allows users to scan and read QR codes present on E Invoices and show information present inside QR code such as

  • GSTIN of supplier
  • GSTIN of recipient/buyer
  • Invoice number as given by supplier in his/her internal system
  • Date of the generation of invoice
  • Invoice value (taxable value and gross tax)
  • Number of line items.
  • HSN Code of the main item (the line item having the highest taxable value)
  • Unique Invoice Reference Number (hash)
  • Digital signature of IRP

How to Download and Use E invoice QR Code App on Smartphone?

To use the E Invoice QR Code Scanner App,

  1. Simply download the app from Play store.
  2. Simply open or launch it on your smartphone or any other mobile device.
  3. Point your device's camera at the QR code on the E Invoice.
  4. The app will then automatically scan the code and display the information of the E Invoice contained in the QR code.
  5. The app also allows users to save the information from the E Invoice for future reference.
  6. To see an example of an E Invoice with a QR code, you can download a sample E Invoice from the web and scan it with Masters India E Invoice QR Code Scanner App. This will give you a good idea of how the app works and what information you can expect to see when scanning an E Invoice QR code.

Features in E Invoice QR Code App

  1. Add business
  2. Manage all multiple business info & Qr code data
  3. Scan QR code
  4. All scanned E invoice barcode scanner listing data

In addition to the E Invoice QR Code Scanner App, there are also many other E Invoice Scanner apps available for download. These apps generally have similar features, allowing users to easily scan and read QR codes on E Invoices,

Overall, E Invoice QR Code Scanners are a convenient and efficient way to process information of E Invoices through QR code. By using a QR Code Scanner App, businesses and individuals can easily access the information contained in E Invoices, making the process of managing invoices much easier and more efficient.

Benefits of E invoice Scanner Information

  • In addition E Invoice scanner online providing an easy way to access invoice information, E Invoice QR codes can also help improve the security of the billing process. Because the information is stored electronically, it is less vulnerable to tampering or fraud.
  • For businesses, using E Invoice QR codes can help streamline the billing process and make it easier for customers to manage their invoices.
  • By providing customers with a convenient and secure way to view and pay their invoices, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the time and effort required to manage their billing operations.
  • E Invoice App allows businesses to manage their invoices in one central location. With the app, businesses can view all of their scanned invoices in a single listing business wise.
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Overall, an E invoice QR Code Scanner online can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes to scan QR code information, E Invoice Scanner are available online at play store.


What Is a QR Code in an e-Invoice?

E Invoice QR codes are commonly used by businesses to provide their customers with an electronic version of an invoice. This can be useful for a number of reasons, such as allowing customers to easily view and manage their invoice information, and access Information.

How can I scan the e-Invoicing QR code?

By usine a einvoice QR code scanner, on your smartphone, simple open app & point mobile scanner towards qr code to read it.

Where to download E-Invoice QR Reader KSA?

It is available on Apps on Google Play store for mobile devices.

What are the challenges faced by internal auditors?

A few challenges faced by internal auditors are faulty data records, having no access to some data, lack of resources to tackle issues, shortage of well-qualified staff, and difference in time between accounting and auditing.

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