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Vehicle Tracking System or What Is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle Tracking is a way through which the current location of a vehicle or fleet can be determined in real time. For example in which location my vehicle is travelling, like a city or road? How much time it will take to reach its destination from the current location?

How Vehicle Tracking Can Be Executed in Vehicle Tracking System?

Below is the two-way thorough tracking of the vehicle that could be possible in the vehicle tracking system easily.

  1. Vehicle Tracking through FASTag

    FASTag is a Vehicle tracking solution that can be used to track the vehicle's location When it crosses the toll plaza. All data related to FASTag Location can be saved in the vehicle tracking system. FASTag contains an RFID tag that tracks and records the vehicle’s real-time locations as it passes a toll plaza. Real-time data associated with the vehicle status – Toll Plaza name, location geocode, direction, timestamp, and Sequence ID. FASTag location data can be fetched within 72 hours as it is available for 3 days only.

    How Vehicle Tracking by Number Can Be Executed in Fleet Tracking System?

    With the help of FASTag API vehicle tracking by number could be possible, to get the Toll details, just add the vehicle number in FASTag API and FASTag location API will give you the location data in a few seconds.

  2. Sim-based tracking- can be used for Fleet tracking or Vehicle Tracking
    Make your vehicle tracking through a mobile number, Get your driver and consignment location in real-time.
    Steps to enable Sim-based tracking for Vehicle Tracking
    • Add Driver Number
    • Get consent from the driver
    • Start tracking
    • Get an update on vehicle location every 2-3 hours
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How to Verify the Vehicle & Driver Information in Vehicle Tracking System?

Use Sarathi & Vahan API for Vehicle and driver Information verification in real-time. After verification store details in your fleet tracking solution.

  • For Driver Verification - Just enter the driving licence number and date of birth of the driver.
  • For Vehicle Verification - Add the vehicle number and hit the verification button - vehicle information like permit details, registration, insurance, blacklist and other details will be visible.

Benefits of Fleet Operations Tracking

  1. Manage and verify Driver and vehicle Information easily in clicks. Ensure legal compliance and avoid heavy challans. Verify all information such as driver's license, vehicle permits, pollution certificates, insurance and blacklist status.
  2. Make Vehicle Tracking Easier.
  3. Store Delivery Proof easily with invoices.
  4. Download reports of all tracking in PDF, Print & share for every tracking.


How do I track my vehicle?

To track your vehicle, install a GPS tracking device or use a mobile app provided by the vehicle manufacturer or a third-party service.

What is vehicle tracking system?

A vehicle tracking system is a technology that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) or other positioning methods to monitor and track the location of a vehicle in real time. It provides information such as the vehicle's current location, speed, direction, and other relevant data. This system is commonly used for fleet management, security purposes, and personal vehicle tracking.

What technology is used in tracking vehicles?

The primary technology used in tracking vehicles is the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS uses a network of satellites to determine the precise location of a vehicle on Earth. Other technologies, such as cellular networks and radio frequency identification (RFID), can also be utilized in conjunction with GPS for vehicle tracking purposes.

What is the function of vehicle tracking system?
The function of a vehicle tracking system is to monitor and track the location, speed, and other relevant information of a vehicle in real-time. It helps in improving fleet management, enhancing security, optimizing logistics and delivery operations, improving driver behavior, providing valuable insights for route planning, and ensuring efficient vehicle utilization. Additionally, it can also assist in recovering stolen vehicles and providing valuable data for analysis and decision-making.
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