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Masters India is a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) appointed by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN), a Government of India enterprise. Our mission is to build intuitive software solutions for complex problems faced by businesses across the globe. We are fulfilling our mission by offering tax and financial automation products to enterprises.

Most enterprises today use an ERP designed to turbocharge their business, yet, compliance work is still done manually on spreadsheets and through government portal, which fails to meet the most demanding requirements of a modern enterprise. We, therefore, offer advance compliance automation solution to enterprises that reduce their compliance work, increase work accuracy and improve ease of doing compliances.

  1. 3% of India’s GDP in terms of tax transactions
  2. 4% of all E-invoices and 8% of all E-way Bills generated generated through API.
  3. 500,000 API Calls made daily.

Products for fast - scaling organisations

Our Solutions

Fasten the GST returns, Reconciliation & Reports, make it more efficient and convenient for your team.

OCR software can be used in invoice processing to automate invoicing payment

Generate and Manage E-Invoicing directly from your ERP with E-invoicing Software

Accounts Payable Solution to automate Enterprise's procurement process (P2P) on a timely basis.


Vehicle tracking is a way through which the current location of a vehicle or fleet can be determined in real-time. For example in which location my vehicle is travelling, like city or road.

Check how vendor verification APIs can improve and streamline your business operations.

Use GST E-Invoice APIs to build your own E-Invoicing application

Use GST API to build your own GST compliance application

GST Verification API integrates with your application to validate GST taxpayer details

Use Eway Bill APIs to enjoy hassle free movement of goods

Our Clients

Our Clients

IT Team

Masters India has a young and dynamic team of 50+ people solely working on compliance automation and financial management solutions. Team members have previously garnered solid work experience at global businesses, such as Sapient, WeChat and Blackstone.


Masters India – A Family Business Spanning Decades

We are part of a business group established by Shri Chandra Prakash Agrawal in 1978. Mr Agarwal established the second copper melting plant in Delhi and since then, we have continuously grown. Masters India was established in 1999 and presently, manufactures aluminium wire rod, sheet and foil. Family has manufacturing facilities in Delhi, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. We also have operations in Healthcare, Hospitality and IT sector.

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