Masters India partners with HSIL (Hindware) to automate their GST and E-Way Bill compliance

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at May 23, 2023

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Automate your GST Compliances with Masters India

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Highly Effective and Flexible GST Compliance Solution

Hindustan Sanitary India Limited

In our continuous efforts for providing highly effective and flexible GST compliance solution to leading enterprises in India, we are delighted to join hands with HSIL (Hindware) for solving their GST & E-Way Bill compliance worries. Masters India will be delivering a GST-compliant solution that will eliminate error probability by replacing manual efforts, thus, providing high value in return to the HSIL team.

GST Return Automation

HSIL uses SAP ERP to manage their country-wide operations, as part of the solution, Masters India’s IT team will provide custom programs to HSIL to extract GST return data by clicking a single button from their ERP. Both sales & purchase data can be extracted by the custom program in a template which can be readily used to prepare GST return automatically.

Extracted data will be fed programmatically into autoTax, a GSP-ASP solution by Masters India IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which will prepare desired GST return automatically in lines with GST compliance provisions. HSIL user will log in to autoTax to check the prepared return and will click on a single button to upload the data to GSTN and file the return.

GST Reconciliation Solution

GST reconciliation solution will be provided as part of the package which will help HSIL to check GST compliance actions timely avoiding loss of any Input Tax Credit or having incorrect tax liability. Both of sides of accounts, i.e., sales & purchase, can be reconciled with the reconciliation facility provided. GST reconciliation solution can run for any number of months providing a holistic view to check GST compliance actions.

In case of any discrepancies in the supplier’s data (available in GSTR 2A), automated emails can be sent to them for rectification in subsequent returns. The solution also provides facilities to large enterprises with multi-state operations to reconcile their GST data at PAN or company level.

E-Way Bill Automation with Existing Array of ERPs

E-Way bill automation is an immediate need for enterprises as it can save a lot of effort for the finance & logistics team to generate & manage E-Way bill. Manual operations in E-Way bill also lead to errors and compliance leakages which can cause deep hurdles in logistics operation of an enterprise. With the facility provided to HSIL users, they will be able to generate E-Way bill by clicking a single button in their ERP.

Data which they have punched or captured to generate any billing document say a Tax invoice, will be utilised to generate E-Way bill as well, eliminating any error probability. Various functions like generating E-Way bill, cancelling it, updating Part B details, printing, extending E-Way bill, etc. will be offered as a click button to HSIL users in their ERP.

Bill of Entry Automation for Handling Imports

We hope through solutions designed for HSIL, the entire GST and E-Way bill compliance operations will enter an auto mode and benefits will far exceed the expectations. We continually upgrade our product feature set to automate user actions providing them incomparable value. Our customer-focused delivery and agility enables us to understand the exact problem being faced by enterprises and provide them a tailored solution. If you need a partner to solve your GST & E-Way bill compliance worries, we urge you to reach us now.

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