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Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

Reduce Communication with Vendors by transparently sharing PO, Invoice and Payment.

Bill Inbox

Bill Inbox

Parse incoming bills with the help of AI and digitally store them for easy access.

Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Route the incoming bills automatically for internal approval based on predefined approval workflow.

Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics

Turn Data into cost reducing Ideas.

Business Management

Business Management

Manage payable process at business group, company and division level.

User Management

User Management

Ensure data security with role and permission based access for users.

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What is Accounts payable automation?

Account payable process or AP process has always been a tedious task and there are solutions now to automate Account payable. These AP automation solutions or Accounts payable automation helps make the AP process to break down into a more simpler and provides convenient outcome.

Accounts payable automation or AP Automation is a technology system used to automate accounts payable invoice and reconciliation process.

What exactly is the Master India AP automation?

AP automation is furnished with optical character recognition (OCR) technologies which with Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (MI) is successful to automate accounts payable process and services into a more timely, smart and flexible experience for the users.

AP automation helps to automate the account payable process which leads to a complete reconciliation, and timely payment of the invoices.

What does Master India Account Payable software typically do?

  • Vendor management - Process of creating and updating your accounts payable vendor records and manage all documents relating to that vendor through a centralised manner
  • Invoice Automation- Matching of invoices and eliminating duplication and mismatch of invoices.
  • Streamline of Purchase order (PO)
  • 3-way matching in accounts payable- This is a complete check with respect to PO, Invoice and GRN or delivery order for goods and services.
  • Inspecting the effective workflow of transactions
  • Checks on the approval workflow between different stages of the organization
  • Advanced software also looks into the timely payment to the vendor
  • Intimate the due date of the vendor payment.

AP Automation FAQs

AP process is recording of invoice and payment details with respect to goods or services purchased. The process is designed to facilitate the process of payment for the goods and services supplied.

The benefits of Accounts payable automation is:-

  • 1. Time saving
  • 2. Cost saving
  • 3. Accurate
  • 4. Real time
  • 5. Reduction in Fraudulent activity
  • 6. Manual error of entry is minimized
  • 7. Documentation benefits
  • 8. Efficient workflow and approval matrix
  • 9. Transparency of data

In a few simple steps,you can automate AP process:-

  • 1. Digital copy of invoice is to be received from Vendor
  • 2. Effective approvals process- Effortlessly going through the approvals within the organization
  • 3. Eliminating data entry- OCR system captures data through software and all the data gets stored in the system which helps to move forward in the process
  • 4. Matching correctly with Purchase order and Invoice
  • 5. Efficient payment method
  • 6. Provision of invoice audit trail to check invoice status
  • 7. Integration of the accounts payable software with ERP & Real-Time Two-Way Sync of data through Account Payable API, Excel & PDF.

Invoicing automation is the process of typically eliminating manual feeding of invoices in the system, here Account Payable solutions or OCR solution captures data and all the data gets stored in the system automatically. It further helps in the verification with Purchase order and eliminating errors in the stage of invoicing in the system.


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