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GST Calculator: GST persists for Goods and Services Tax that India's Government has levied at the national or state level. GST calculator online, advanced by various third-party websites, can be practised to determine the applicable cost of GST. Indian GST Calculator is a tool that supports calculating the GST amount on multiple goods or services correctly. The GST calculator’s objective is to display the total value of goods or services, including GST.

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Goods and Services Tax levied by the government of India on the manufacturers or producers, sellers, and purchasers of goods and services at the national level. It is based and works on the principle of Value Added Tax (VAT). As GST is levied on value addition at every stage, a customer needs to pay the GST charged by the last merchant or supplier in the supply series.

Distinct Types of GST Assembled by the Government Are:

  • State Goods and service tax (SGST): collected by the State Government.
  • Central Goods and service tax (CGST): collected by Central Government
  • Integrated Goods and service tax (IGST): Central Government accumulates it for inter-state purchases or sales transactions and imports
  • Union Territory GST (UTGST): collected by Union Territory Government

Why Is the GST Calculator Essential?

In India, there are five GST slabs, and if you are administering various GST slabs for goods or services, you have to ascertain the values or cost, including or excluding GST. In this situation, GST Calculators online become helpful as you can quickly and instantly calculate GST on goods and services through it. In addition to the GST calculator online, calculating values becomes a colossal task if you want to create thousands of invoices for goods or services with different GST slab rates.

Knowledge Required to Calculate GST Practising an Online Indian Gst Calculator

To calculate GST using an online GST Calculator, the taxpayer must possess the GST rate or HSN/SAC Code relevant to those appropriate goods and services. With the unified tax system, it is feasible for all taxpayers to understand the tax imposed at distinct points for several goods and services under the GST regimen. Every taxpayer should know the GST rate relevant to multiple levels that are needed for GST calculation. There are five separate slabs for GST which are 0%,5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

GST Calculation Formula for Inter-State Sales

The Central Government will impose an integrated goods and service tax (IGST) on the inter-state supply of goods and services. IGST is assigned to the importing state in the event of inter-state transactions. In the old tax system, CST has been charged over and above VAT and the excise duty to transport goods between two countries. The goods travelling across state borders, IGST, are the sole tax levied in the GST system. Furnished Below is an illustration to explain the IGST system:

Value to Manufacturer Old Tax System New GST System
Cost of Goods 1,00,000 1,00,000
VAT @ 12.5% 12,500  
IGST @12%   12,000
CST of 2% 2,250  
Total Value to Retailer 1,14,500 1,12,000

The above four listed points are the major advantages of using a Masters India GST Calculator online in India.

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How to Calculate GST Percentage From Total Amount, From the GST Calculation Formula?

To add GST to the base amount

  • Add GST

    GST Amount = ( Original value * GST% ) / 100

    Net Amount = Original value + GST Amount

  • To remove GST from the base amount,

    Remove GST

    GST Amount = Original value – [ Original value * {100 / (100 + GST% ) } ]

    Net Price = Original value – GST Amount

How to Calculate GST on MRP?

  • If goods or services are sold at Rupees 10,000 with the 18 per cent GST in rupees or 18 GST in rupees, then the net price(NP) is calculated as = 10,000+ (10,000(18/100)) = 10,000+1800 = Rs. +11,800
  • In the situation where a good is sold for Rupees 20,000 and the applicable GST rate is 12%, the net price of the goods will be 20,000 + 12% of 20,000 = 20,000 + 2400 = Rs. 22,400

Advantages of GST Calculator

Here are some of the fundamental advantages of using a GST Calculator:

  • It permits users to manage the net or gross product price or rate on GST rates.
  • It empowers users to distinguish between SGST, CGST and IGST and assess each tax correctly.
  • It saves time by providing immediate returns.
  • It reduces the chance of human error when calculating the Price of products and services.
  • It is manageable to use and assists you calculate GST in a hassle-free practice.
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GST Calculator in India requires an amount of gross or net value, the rate of GST tax, and an alternative to ordering the calculator whether to Add or Remove the Goods and Services Tax from the fixed cost. This unique form of assessment is deemed been levied by India's Government since April 2016. The GST group is designed into Central GST (CGST), State GST (SGST), and Integrated GST (IGST).


How do I calculate GST?

In calculating GST, a taxpayer can use the following formula. Following the formula helps to calculate the price of the product after the use of GST and subtraction with GST. GST calculation formula:

  • Add GST:

    GST value = (Actual cost x GST%) / 100

    Total Price = Actual Cost + GST ​​Price

  • Remove GST:

    GST Price = Actual Cost - [Real Cost x {100 / (100 + GST%)}]

    Total Price = Actual Cost - GST Price.

    GST calculation example:Suppose a product sells for Rs. 2,000 and GST applicable to that product is 12%. Then the total value of the product is Rs. 2,000 + 12% of Rs.2,000. This comes out as Rs. 2,000 + Rs. 240 = Rs. 2,240
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