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Price Tax Rate IGST CGST SGST CESS Tax Amount
0000000000.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 1000000000.00

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What is GST Calculator?

GST Calculator is a tool that helps in calculating the GST amount on different goods or services accurately. The sole purpose of the tool is to show the total value of goods or service including the amount of GST.

Why GST Calculator is important?

In India, there are 5 GST slabs, and if you are dealing in multiple GST Slab goods or services, you have to determine the values including or excluding GST. In this scenario, an online GST Calculators comes handy as through it you can calculate GST on goods and services easily and quickly.

In addition to this, if you want to create thousands of invoices of goods or services having different GST slab rate then calculating values becomes a colossus task.

Information required to Calculate GST using an online GST Calculator?

In order to calculate GST using an online GST Calculator, the taxpayer must have the information regarding the GST rate or HSN/SAC Code applicable to those particular goods and services.

Note:The different applicable slab rates under GST currently are 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

What are the advantages of using a GST calculator in India?

  • GST tax calculator reduces the chances of error that can be caused by human intervention at the time of calculating the value of the goods or/and services.
  • In addition to this, the Online GST calculator is an efficient way to compute the total cost of product or services.
  • Masters India GST Tax Calculator helps in saving the time of the taxpayer as he/she can calculate the taxable amount under GST by just entering a few details.
  • Using Masters India online GST Calculator bifurcate the tax under different heads as well as the taxpayer has the option to choose the type of supplies (inter-state or intra-state supply).

The above four listed points are the major advantages of using a Masters India GST calculator online in India.

How to calculate GST using a GST Calculator?

The GST tax calculator helps the taxpayer to compute the GST, he just needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • He needs to furnish the item price of product or service.
  • Afterwards, he has to enter the GST rate under which that product or service falls. Otherwise, the user can also use HSN to find the GST Rate applicable using Masters India HSN Code search
  • In addition to this in case, if there is any CESS applicable on such good/service, he can mention the same in the Add CESS column of the GST Calculator.
  • Lastly, he has to click on the calculate button and the gross price of the goods or service will appear in the Result column.
  • Unlimited Company but not having share capital

Formula to calculate GST manually

The following formulas can be used in order to calculate the GST:

  • To add GST to the base amount
    • GST Amount = Value (GST Rate ÷ 100)
    • Total value of goods or services including GST = Value + GST Amount
  • For example:

    Assuming X product has a value of 100 INR and the GST Rate on X is 18%.

    Amount of GST

    = 100 (18 ÷ 100)

    = 118 INR.

    Total value of x including GST

    = 100 + 18

    = 118 INR.

    So, according to the above calculation, the GST amount on Product X will be18 INR and net value will be 118 INR

  • To exclude GST from the base amount,
    • Amount of GST = Value – Value x [(100 ÷ (100 + GST Rate)]
    • Net Value of the goods or services = Value – Amount of GST
  • For example:

    Assuming X product has a value of 100 INR and the GST Rate on X is 18%.

    Amount of GST

    = 100 – [100(100 ÷ (100 + 18)]

    = 100 – [100(100 ÷ 118)]

    = 15.25 INR

    Net Value of X excluding GST

    = 100 – 15.25

    = 84.75 INR

    So, according to the above calculation, the GST amount on Product X will be 18 INR and net value will be 118 INR