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    Online OCR - Extract Text From Image & PDF Converter Free

    For financial document such as Invoices or Receipts Try our Online OCR to extract data from Image or Document Automatically in seconds. Try our OCR API into your ERP or system?

    Free Online OCR Service

    We support pdf, png, jpeg formats. (Max 10MB)

    Invoice Number




    Invoice Amount


    Supplier Name

    Masters India Private Limited

    Supplier GSTIN


    Buyer Name

    Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited

    Buyer GSTIN


    Currently we are showing limited extracted data from Invoice , for more fields data, and to Automate data extraction

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    Pre-Trained Machine Model · No Template dependency · 100% AI · Drag and drop or Upload an invoice and see the online OCR in action

    Try out our Invoice OCR software to bring the automation in invoice processing. Try our Invoice OCR API - by yourself. On your own invoices -View Documentation Before making any API calls, you need to have credentials to generate - Request Callback

    What Is Online OCR?

    Online OCR is a tool that can be use to extract the text from the Image, PDF or other documents. Online OCR is web tool or OCR converter that work with the help of internet, OCR online will work on any device and can be accessible from any where, there is no installation required you can simply upload a doc or Image into OCR converter and extract the text.

    Masters India free online OCR will allows you to quickly and easily convert images and scanned documents into editable text or machine readable format. You can try out Online OCR without registration, you can try multiple file at a time. This OCR online Service will help in improving productivity, save time and automate data entry.

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    Key Point: Key Bulb IconReduce expenses and save time by removing stacks of paper, automating approval procedure, and communicating with thisamazing tool by Masters India.

    Why Is Free OCR Image to Text Converter Online So Useful?

    Image to text online - Online OCR can be used as a image to text converter online free. Because mostly use to extract text and characters from Images or scanned PDF documents which either os single page or multipage files. Free OCR Online can also be used as a photo to text converter online.

    Online OCR pdf to word - in this onlineOCR convert the pdf file response into word, this will be very helpful in data extraction from a pdf or multi page pdf file, because it will save time of data entry & give you the extracted date in format.

    Text extracting with OCR online is beneficial for those working with multilingual documents, financial document like invoices & receipts. Because Online OCR can perfectly works on variety of documents type and distinguish various languages and OCR online free also works on digital and handwritten texts.

    What Is the Function of OCR Online Free?

    The function of OCR online free is to help in digitizing the documents on time, so the manual typing work and Typing error could be reduced.

    For example: you can scan your printed documents such as Invoice, You can use masters India OCR online either on mobile or on computer, on your scanned documents. our OCR feature will extract your image text, you can copy or download the response and use as per your requirement. The extracted text is in editable & machine readable form that you can either copy and paste data into fields or simply download the file as doc.

    This free OCR is used to help you save time and streamlined your Invoice processing workflow . This will help in decluttering that desk and help your organization to use minimal amount of paper. This will help you in boost the productivity.

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    Key Point: Key Bulb IconBillzo is a free billing, accounting, and GST application. It is an easy-to-use bill book and business analyst appcheck out this app by Masters India.

    How to Use Online OCR?

    Masters india Online OCR service is free to use, there is no registration required to use this tool.To use OCR online follow the below steps.

    1. Just upload your image files. - You can upload any format file either PDF or Image, you cna upload multi page file and multiple files also.
    2. This free OCR will accept JPG, PNG, format images, and PDF documents as input. PDF OCR supports multi-page documents and multi-column text. The limitation of the free online OCR is that the images or PDF must not be larger than 10MB. One file uploading is complete the OCR will start processing it and show you the extracted response.
    3. Response or Result - is the final content OCR extract form the image & PDF as a output.

    Online OCR Features

    Free Online OCR Tool Are Straightforward, User-Friendly, and Readily Available online, some more features of online OCR are listed below


    Accessibility is one of the primary benefits of utilizing online OCR solutions. Because these technologies are accessible to anybody with an internet connection, they provide a practical way that can be utilized by organizations and private persons. Because of this accessibility, it is also simple to convert scanned pdf or images content into text.

    Multiple file Type

    Online OCR programmes' other advantages are that they can often handle various image types, such as JPG, PNG, and PDF. This online OCR will also extract text from the multipage PDF. In simple words you can use this onlineOCR for

    • Image to text- onlinOCR is also known as image to text converter online.
    • Convert PDF to DOC - means you can upload the pdf file and this pdf to word OCR will give you the output of pdf in word doc.

    OCR Online Free Service

    Masters India OCR Service is available for free and it is available for upto 150 files without registration.

    Security of OCR TOOL

    When using Online OCR it's also important to think about how safe the data being processed is. Some free OCR online may store the images and text on their servers for a while or along time. which can be a security risk for businesses and people who deal with sensitive information. Masters India Online OCR is safe ans secure, by SSL and audited by ISO27001 every year. SO there is no data breach.


    The Image to text's user interface is also crucial. Some OCR programmes may have an easy-to-navigate, straightforward interface, while others' interfaces may be more complicated. You should make sure the Image to text you employ is intuitive so that you can quickly and simply transform photos into text.


    One further thing to think about when utilizing free OCR online is how quickly the conversion will take place. OCR processing time can change based on a number of factors, including image size, text complexity, quality of image or Scanned doc, noise level present in the image or DOC and the OCR engine or its training.

    Accuracy: Online OCR is powered with Artificial Intelligence & machine learning capabilities, every time it process a docs, it learn by self to perform better during text extraction.

    Auto Improvement: If your document or Image contain noise like poor quality and multiple pen signs or seals or touch, online OCR automatically de-noise them to extract the proper content.

    Auto rotate - if the document or image you scanned or clicked is tilt while clicking or scanning the free online OCR will automatically rotate it to actual position and extract the text from it.


    The free OCR online is Compatible with iOS and Android, and PC (Windows\Linux\MacOS). You can use it any device.


    The Image to text's scalability is also crucial to think about. In free OCR online programmes may be best suited for low-volume work, while others excel at processing massive amounts of data. Companies that regularly process a significant volume of image or Docs use masters india online OCR because it handle any amount of processing simultaneously.


    The degree of automation offered by the Image to text tools is another factor to consider. Some devices may be able to automate steps in the process, such as picture pre-processing or text recognition, resulting in more efficiency and fewer man-hours spent on the task. In addition, batch processing is a function that may already be present in some tools, allowing you to convert numerous photos at once.

    Input File Formats

    1. Free online OCR service is able to process a wide range of input file formats, which includes image formats such as JPEG, PNG, JPG.
    2. For documents, OCR support PDF either of single or multiple page.
    3. In addition, OCR OCR is able to handle multiple files at one go, which could be mix up of image or PDF etc. we made this tool versatile for all of your OCR needs.

    Output File Formats

    The Out put of the file from the Online OCR could be in various form to cate all kinds of text extraction needs.

    1. You can get the simple text document - simple text file is document which contain the text extracted by the OCR, which is in editable form or machine readable form. Once machine reads the text then it automatically fill the data into respective fields
    2. Formatted words docs - It will give the response in the microsoft words, where fields and the value will be aligned properly.
    3. You can get the response in the excel sheet.
    4. JSON form - below Table will show the fields list in JSON Form: if the response is true then the MSG of data extracted successful will be visible: Jason data will contain the key value pair & Table data which have fields name, value & accuracy.
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    Key Point: Key Bulb IconWe are here to answer any GST-related questions you may have, and we are delighted to assist you with our latest GST software and other products.Take a look

    Recognition Languages

    Free online OCR service offers recognition in a english languages, and we made this tool only limited to particular country but it works at global level. This online OCR will work on handwritten & Digital document also.

    Who Can Use Online OCR Converter For Extracting Text?

    OCR online could be used for multiple purpose

    1. It could be used by manufacturing companies to extract the text from financial documents as well as the agreements or Contract.
    2. It could be used by tech companies.
    3. Online OCR can be used in all type of industries to cater the data entry process.


    Online OCR solutions have become more common and easier to use in recent years. They have benefits like being easy to access and being able to handle different types of images or PDF either of single page or multiple. But Free online OCR has its limits. It may not be able to read text that is written in a certain style or has been changed in some way. When choosing an Free OCR, it's important to think about how well it recognizes text, how it formats the output text, how secure the data is, how much it costs to process, and how fast the Image to text is. Also, it's important to make sure the online OCR is safe to use and meets any standards or laws that apply.is the onlineOCR will work on your docs accurately.

    Yet to Find a Place

    Lastly, it's essential to remember that many Online OCR tools are free, while others may cost money or require a subscription. Some of the OCR online free services may have limits on how many images or docs they can process in a day or how good the results are. Paid services may have more features, better quality, and more accurate results.


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