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What is e way bill system

A GST E way bill is a receipt or document issued by a carrier that contains information and instructions related to the shipment and consignment of goods, and the details gst e way bill contains are the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the origin, destination and route.

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The electronic waybill (E-Way Bill) is in principle compatible mechanism, where with the help of a digital interface like software or E way bill portal, in it the initiator of the movement of goods uploads or add the relevant information related to goods before the movement of goods starts and prepares an e-way bill in the GST portal.

The e-Way Bill system for inter-state and intra state movement of goods has been introduced from April 1, 2018. Gst E-Way Bill is mandatory for inter-state and intra state movement of goods with consignment value exceeding Rs.50,000.

What is an gst e way bill or E-Way Bill under GST

E-way bill is an evidence for the movement of goods It is an electronic document generated on the GST portal by the goods shipper for the movement of goods from one place to another.

It has two parts

  • Part A contains details of GSTIN of recipient, place of delivery (PIN Code), invoice or challan number, date, value of goods, HSN code, transport document number (Goods Receipt Number or Railway Receipt Number or Airway Bill Number or e way bill Number),and reasons why we are doing transportation of goods.
  • Part B contain transporter and transport details such as (Vehicle number),transporter ID or GSTIN. Mainly the part B of Gst way bill contains only transport and transporter details.

Gst e way bill can be generated or can be cancelled via multiple ways one is through SMS or through the Eway bill portal, mobile app, and eway bill software. It can be cancelled within 24 hours by the recipient of goods at the request of the consignor of goods. To generate an e way bill, a unique digit e way bill number is generated and is sent to the supplier or recipient. E way bill can be update if the shipper feels that the delivery is going to late, then they can increase the Gst eway bill validity, by using any mode.

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Purpose of E-Way Bill

Building of Gsteway as a tool or e way bill system is to keep track of movement of goods, taxpart & goods value, also to ensure that goods being transported are under the GST Law.

When a gst way bill be issued

A gsteway bill is issued when the value of the goods that are being transshipped or conveyed exceeds 50,000 INR. Eway billing happens in relation to the ‘supply’ or due to inward supply from an unregistered or registered person or business.

Who should generate the e-way bill and why?

In e way bill system eligiblity for e way bill generate is define based on turnover and the value of goods. A supply can be anything that is made for a consideration that may or may not be in course of business. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that a supply can be made without consideration as well. E-way bill GST must be generated on the common platforms for all the movements. An e way bill gst is necessary for certain goods even if the overall value is below 50,000.

An GST e way bill must be generated by the registered person if the value of goods exceeds 50,000 INR. It can also be generated by an unregistered person if all the necessary conditions and compliances mentioned above are met. In the case of an unregistered person, necessary compliances are needed to be met by the recipient as he is the supplier. Any person such as suppliers, receivers and transporters can use software or e way bill Portal for e way bill generate. Any person having an annual turnover lesser than 20 lakhs in an annual year is deemed as an unregistered person. It is given in section 2(84) of the CGST. Following conditions and compliances are needed to be met in case of an unregistered person:

  • The burden of the gst e way bill generate is shifted to the registered person in case of an unregistered person.
  • URP is needed to be mentioned under the GSTIN portal where either of any party is an unregistered person.
  • The legal or trade name of the unregistered person is needed to be mentioned.
  • An unregistered person can also enrol himself with an E way bill portal or software can be used for the generation of the gst E way Bill.

GST E-way bill can also be generated by the transporters if the supplier has not generated an e-way bill gst. Unregistered transporters will get transporter ID from the eway bill portal. After that, they can easily generate the GST e-way bill.

What Eway Bill Software

E way bill software is a cloud-based technology or software that helps in the e-way bill generation. It reduces the manual work and reduces the scope of errors. It caters individually to all the business requirements. It fasten and smoothen the E way bill process for business.

Masters India’s E-way Bill Software and its benefits

Masters India’s e way bill software is a complete automated software that requires no to negligible manual labor and human interference. It saves money by reducing compliance by up to 93%. It provides seamless and great speed which makes e way bill generate transportation and facilitation of goods quite easy. Below are the list of benefits of eway bill software.

  • It generates gsteway bills right from the bill entry avoiding entering data manually.
  • It generates gsteway bills from the pdf format in a fraction of seconds.
  • It is highly user friendly, affordable, and provides 24/7 customer support. It collaborates with customers to provide quality deliverance.
  • It notifies and alerts about the GST eway bill expiry and update and ensures the valid and smooth hassle-free transportation of goods till the end.
  • It's a cloud based software that could be accessible from anywhere and create a gst way bill easily.
  • It is best suite for Business, Transporters, enterprises and logistics who have presence at multiple places and want to fasten and smoothen the process at all places.


Generating an e way bill gst is necessary for the delivery of goods and transportation of goods whose value exceeds Rs. 50,000 INR. for a GST registered business. As communicated in e way bill system Eway bill is nothing a document required to transport goods from one place to another. gst way bill only required in case of Goods not in service case . The gst e way bill is generated on the Eway bill portal.

Currently many businesses either registred or unregistred are using the eway bill portal to generate gsteway to supply the goods from one place to another whose invoice valueis more then Rs 50000. e way bill generated aganist any invoice by any party is a proof that goods purchased are genuine. Main problem in E way bill generation is gst way bill validity which is only 2 or 3 days and you need to generate new gst e way bill before its expiry, or update the existing on time, in case of delay or your goods is midway. E way bill software helps you in this easily, with Eway bill software youcan easily update or amend the gst e way bill in no time.

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