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Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at April 03, 2023

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Automate your GST Compliances with Masters India

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EWay Bill is an electronically generated document comprising of invoice and associated shipment details. A unique number is generated for each eway bill. It is mandatory to generate E-Way Bill on all transactions across India where non-exempted good is being transported inter or intra-state and is valued above 50,000. The government introduced E-Way Bill to effectively monitor the movement of goods for taxation purposes without impacting the movement itself which was the case with earlier monitoring mechanisms.

Impact of E-Way Bill

E-Way Bill compliance has had a profound impact on business as a whole- becoming an operational nightmare if not taken care of properly. The penalty for not adhering to e-way bill compliances is a minimum of Rs. 10,000 or an amount equivalent to tax on invoice, whichever is higher. It therefore, becomes crucial to consider how to realign processes and stakeholders and form a compliance strategy, so the minimal impact is seen. We are also SAP partners with the ability to directly integrate with e-way bill in SAP for SAP e way bill solution and can help in automatic e way bill generation in SAP.

Why We Created this Solution?

An important part of the E-Way Bill compliance strategy is IT solution selection. The government portal cannot be the de facto option for automatic e way bill generation. Bill automation is important to understand that a government portal is a generic solution for taxpayers and is not designed to cater to the unique workflows of each organization. Therefore, choosing an E-Way Bill compliance product is important to automate e way bill that befits the organizational needs and helps reduce work, and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Considering all this, we believe smart solutions designed for business use case can be an answer to problems associated with E-Way Bill compliance. We believe that no company should be doing manual task that can be automated. We therefore have created multiple offerings, namely E-Way Bill APIs, web applications and managed services, to tackle this. Each of these solutions is designed to make compliance worry-free.

  1. APIs are for companies building their own solution or purchasing 3rd party solution. These APIs can help companies directly connect with NIC servers and send and receive data. We are also SAP partners with ability to directly integrate with SAP e-Way Bill solution.
  2. Our Managed service solution is for companies looking to outsource complete E-Way Bill process – we will handle the complete compliance bit – making sure that the E-Way Bill compliance is truly hassle free.
  3. Our enterprise application, autoTax, is built for businesses looking for a delightful experience – the idea is to offer application that integrates with the ERP or work as a standalone on web as well mobile allowing for maximum productivity per employee
Features that we offer in the integration with the ERP system to avoid manual data entry e way bill login problems are:
  • Autofill fields such as distance between start and end location.
  • Bulk Update fields such as vehicle number for multiple invoices.
  • Schedule E-way bill generation for off-hour dispatches.
  • Centralise login feature to avoid multiple logins for different states.
  • Reports and analytics for better visibility in the compliance operations.
  • E-way bill mobile app access for dispatch supervisors and truck drivers.
  • Manage stakeholders from single admin account.
  • PDF and PRN File Import
ERP integration with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, automatic e way bill generation in tally ERP 9 or any other ERP for that matter, enables one click generation from ERP itself. Even the E-Way Bill or E-Way Bill on the invoice can be printed from the ERP directly. Our users, on average, save up to 75% in time for a single line item invoice and up to 90+% in time for multiple line item invoice while generating E-Way Bills because of automation. Accuracy levels also reach unprecedented rates.

Data, apart from excel, can also be directly extracted from PDF or PRN file, a standard format for Bill of Entry available from the Icegate portal. Yes! we have a tool which automatically reads PDFs and PRN files; this will save your team a lot of time while eliminating chances of error.

Why Purchase from Us?

The top reason why an organisation should consider Masters India is because we want all our customers to benefit from this amazing tax revolution. We clearly want three outcomes for all our customers, after taking the solution from us, their compliance work should reduce, it should become easier to finish and compliance reaches 100% accuracy. These three outcomes are fundamental to how we think about our product.

We want to ensure our customers understand and feel that they are not alone and rather feel confident while navigating the compliance landscape. Some of the largest companies in India have already automated their GST and E-Way Bill compliance with us, increasing admin and logistics staffs productivity, reducing errors and therefore, made sure that their business is always compliant. Join the growing list of companies choosing to go for a solution built for their company and avoid using solutions that are not suitable or flexible to your needs as an organization. We deliver highly specialised solution which take care of the need of a modern enterprise generating hundreds if not thousands and lacs of way bills with multiple GST returns across various states.

Benefits of E-Way Bill Automation Using autoTax E-Way Bill Software

S.NO Problems faced by enterprises autoTax E-Way Bill Solution
1 Manual data entry autoTax integrated with any ERP through APIs and SFTP. Masters India E-Way Bill APIs are also certified by SAP. PDF, PRN and excel as well.
2 Multiple E-Way Bills on Single Invoice autoTax does not allow for more than one active E-Way Bill on any tax document.
3 Managing access control across organization Users with variety of access rights can be created and allocated to different business units within the group
4 Archaic interface to manage compliance Intuitive user interface to generate, update, cancel or reject bulk e-way bills using a single button.
5 Manual calculation of distance for each eway bill Calculates the distances with the help of Google Maps between different locations
6 Lack of notifications on task completion or when action is required Notifies the taxpayer when the e way bill generate, cancelled, rejected or is about to expire before goods have reached the delivery location
7 Cannot collaborate with stakeholders to continuously achieve 100% compliance Collaborate with customers and transporters through the online collaboration portal
8 Business Data divided across User Ids Single screen for managers and CFOs to view reports and analytics at Unit and Group level

To schedule a free demo of our E-Way Bill Software, call us on +91-9773989672 or write to us at info@mastersindia.co



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