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Use Masters India’s GST Software to fasten the GST return process, make it more efficient and convenient for your team. The Platforms your Business requires for GST Reconciliation, returns, e-filing & Reports.

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Best GST Software

Gst software will Make your GST Reconciliation, e-filling, Return, report, and all other GST Compliances simple, Fast, efficient and convenient for your team.













What is GST Software

GST software is a type of software developed or build to help businesses to manage their GST reconciliation, return and filling of goods and services Tax. It is an essential software for any business, as it helps them to keep track of their GST filling, and returns, It helps in vendor data Mismatch, GST reconciliation and return process. it make business GST Compliances simple, fast and easy. Try gst software free


File GSTR -1 a monthly or quarterly return that is mandatory for registered GST taxpayer, contains details of all outward supplies i.e purchase and sales.


Get the Summary return of all outward supplies, input tax credit claimed, and payment made of tax by the taxpayer on monthly basis and Quarterly (For taxpayers under the QRMP scheme).


GSTR 6 will give you the details of ITC, and (ISD) Input Service Distributor will receive against the distribution of ITC on monthly basis.


Get a consolidation of all your monthly or quarterly returns under GST like (GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B) filed in that year.


Get a complete Self-certified GST reconciliation statement, before 31st December of the next financial year.


Report your GSTR 2B data to conveniently Reconcile ITC with you own books of accounts and records, check ITC availability, and Make your business eligible for maximum ITC every month.

GST reconciliation software to File Monthly GST Returns in 50% Less Time

Masters india GST software will Reduces the time of your GST filing by half for all type of returns under gst, and make gst reconciliation, e - filling, report easy, efficient and convenient for your team. Get the detail understanding of important features module wise required for GST filing Inside best GST software free.

Select Type and template.
  • Select Type and template.
  • Upload file.
  • Validate and view upload status.

GST Reconciliation Software for

  • Start-ups - Tech-led GST Compliance Solutions for Start-ups.
  • Enterprises - Enterprises of size like Small, Medium & large can manage group level GST compliances with ease Ensure millions in tax is reported and claimed accurately.
  • CA’s and Accountants - Manage e-filing and GST reconciliation for 100s of customers with ease through business management and role based delegation.
  • Developers - Build GST return filing functionality into your accounting software for GST reconciliation through APIs.
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Our GST software can be Accessible from Anywhere

Manage your GST compliances from anywhere, do your GST reconciliation, return and e filling easily at different locations, through multiple users at a time.

  • Masters India GST software is Cloud based Saas platform.
  • Accessible on any device Web, mobile, desktop. From anywhere.
  • Permit your team Best gst software access as per roles and responsibilities.
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Masters India GST Software successfully integrates with your ERP

Why not integrate Best GST Software that solve your business problems easily, and made GST reconciliation Easy


Built-in integration

Seamlesss, Real-Time Two-Way Sync with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other Popular ERPs Built-in integrations to Import gst reco data into MI platform as per your schedule, for faster gst reconciliation in tally and other ERP.

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SAPOracleMicrosoft Dynamics NAVTally

Custom ERP & Many more

Always in sync

Refresh data automatically. Every minute, hour or day, let your MI Platform do the work.

Easily Submit Data

Submit your data to GSTIN or NIC Portal easily with GST software

One GST Software with many features

All-in-one cloud-based Best GST software to automate and simplify your GST return filing.

Data Import

User can Import Sales and Purchase data in this Free GST software by using below feature:-

  • Excel Import - upload an excel file
  • API - integrate API with your ERP or system
  • Through FTP/SFTP location - place file in a folder our solution will pick on timely basis.
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New feature added in GST software under GST Reconciliation

Free GST Software will make your GST Compliances easy, accurate, and fase with these new Add on

GST Payment

  • Error free challan Generation
  • Complete GST payment online and offline
  • Generate Challan for Multiple GSTINS Simultaneously
  • Pay challan of Multiple GSTINS Simultaneously
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  • File Your GSTR-3B & GSTR 3B Nil returns error-free with Masters India GST Software.
  • Prepare and file GSTR 3B, Optimize your GST liability without going to any other portal, Import data from ERP
  • Detail view of ITC & Cash Ledger For GSTR-3B.
  • Auto Set-off of the Liability from ITC and Cash Ledger:-
  • Auto-fill Interest & Late fee from GSt Portal & Pay from Cash Ledger:-
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Our GST Software have security checks

Masters India GST reconciliation software security checks makes it highly secure.

GST Suvidha Provider
SSL Secure
ISO 270001 Certified

Voice of Business & Enterprises Experiencing


Type of GST Return to Be File in GST reconcilation Software

The below list gives you an idea of all GST return type available in Masters India GST Software to manage your GST compliance easily-

  • GSTR 1
  • GSTR 9
  • GSTR 2 
  • GSTR 2A
  • GSTR2b 
  • GSTR 3b
  • GSTR 6
  • GSTR 9c
  • GSTR 9 and 9c
How to Make GST Bill in GST Software?

To Create a GST bill in busy software, go to the invoice module, and start adding the details such as supplier, Invoice number, date & product information like name, price, quantity and Busy software will calculate the GST part now your GST bill is ready to use.

How to Learn GST Software?

You can learn GST software through documentation, videos, demo, FAQs and training material, along with the Product guide available over masters India Website. Companies also have blogs that contain content related to GST compliance and all type of returns under GST, doc for GST registration, and how to use the GST Software for GST filling and returns.

What Is the Use of GST Software?

GST software can be used to file all types of returns under GST. You can purchase GST software for to file GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 2A, GSTR 2b, GSTR 3b, GSTR 6, GSTR 2, GSTR 9 and 9c and many others GST return type important for your business. Free GST software are also available for SME business but they are not providing the vast functionality required fot GST filling to fille all returns under GST.Masters India Best GST software is build to cater all business size GST filling requirement and its a cloud based GST reconcilation software accessible from any where.

What Is the Cost of GST Software?

The cost of GST software depends upon the business requirement, as current GST software is available as SAAS or cloud-based, they can be customize as per business requirement in comparison to GST software free download. For More details about gst software price, directly visit the software GST page and look at the pricing part. GST software for free will be limited for a limited time, once the free quota of consumption expired then you need to purchase. Free GST software has only limited GST return type available which are GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 2A, GSTR 2b, and GSTR 3b.

Which Software Is Used for GST Return?
You can use any GST software that fuilfill you business need interms of GST reconcilition. many GST software available in the market to files all types of GST returns under GST, they are available as GST software for free download or as in sass from like GST cloud software, an example of GST sloud software is Masters India GST Software, which is saas software, with this you can manage all your GST Compliances very easily. Purchased software for GST can be use for GST returns, because they are most secure, and reliable. These gst software have support available on time. And will make your work GST filling easy and fast.
What is GST?

GST, which stands for Goods and Services Tax, is a single destination based consumption tax, which will replace almost all the existing Central and State indirect taxes, including but not limited to CENVAT, Octroi, Sales Tax and Excise Duty etc. The methodology and approach while formulating GST have been unlike the old tax structure, where the state of origin receives the tax revenues.GST software make GST filling, return & reconcilation easy

GST is a value-added tax ecosystem, intended to eradicate the cascading effects of taxes in a supply chain environment. Being a destination tax, the mechanism is formulated to pass the burden of taxes to the end consumer. GST can be filled by using the GST software.

What is GST Suvidha Provider?

The GST environment in India is administered by the Goods and Services Network [GSTN], a public-private partnership, which is the whole sole IT module and the backbone of the of GST framework. To strengthen and smoothen the interaction between GSTN and the tax payers, the GST Council has identified and approved [under stringent guidelines] 34 organizations in India, termed as GSPs [GST Suvidha Provider]. A GSP basically provides a third party application or GST software which acts as a bridge and synchronizes with the tax payer’s existing financial controlling systems [ERP, Accounting Softwares etc.] and the GSTN, thereby easing the process for organizations, to deal with GST.GSPs are equipped with secure GST APIs [Application Program Interface], which actually act as a connector while the third party GST software provides unique and convenient ways from GST registration to GST Return Filing.Masters India is one of the biggest, rapidly growing and the most favored GSP with its rich and secure autoTax, a complete GST Software.

What is an Application Service Provider?

ASPs [Application Service Providers] are third-party entities like GSPs which facilitate the overall GST process for a taxpayer – from registration to returns. These GST returns will then be filed on behalf of the filer with GSTN via the GSPs. ASPs are basically a link between the taxpayer and the GSP to provide GST Return Filing. All the GSPs can act as ASPs but an ASP cannot be a GSP. Masters India is one of the biggest, rapidly growing and the most favoured GSP + ASP with its rich and secure GST software, autoTax, a complete GST Compliance Solution. Masters India is one of the biggest, rapidly growing and the most preferred GSP + ASP with its rich and secure GST filing software, autoTax, a complete GST Compliance Solution for GST Return Filing and Reconciliation.

What is a GST Software or GST Reconcialtion software for GST?

The government has used technology in an unprecedented manner to facilitate taxation of the country. GST regime necessitates a high level of synchronization between tax payer’s system, ERP, an accounting or an invoicing software, and the GST system, which without automation would be a difficult task. autoTax GST software by Masters India acts as a bridge between the taxpayer and the Government. A taxpayer can use the GST Software for creating GST compliant invoices, uploading and reconciling their sales and purchase data, filing GST returns, and maintaining overall GST compliance.

What are the benefits of using GST Software?

Here are a few major benefits that Masters India GST Software offers:

  • Seamless integration with all leading ERPs (SAP, Oracle or Navision)
  • Import sales and purchase data from ERP, Excel or Accounting Solution
  • Helps to claim 100% Input Tax Credit by reconciling GST Returns.
  • Handles all business and business unit using a single login.
  • Helps in creating GST compliant invoices.
  • Best GST Reconcilation in the industry
  • Multi-layer user creation.
  • Supports creation of suppliers, customers and items directory.
  • Looks after all the invoices which have imported with duplicity flags such as uploaded/not-uploaded.
  • Three-layer validation to eliminate every human error.
Who all can use Masters India GST Software?

Here is the list of user who can choose autoTax GST Software:

  • Enterprises
  • Startups & tech companies
  • large corporation & manufacturing Units
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • CAs, Tax Consultants and Accountants
Are there any pre-system requirements to use GST Software?

AutoTax GST Software is a cloud-based software and accessible from anywhere at any time. You need to just sign up using your email-id and choose the plan you want to subscribe based on your requirement. Once, your subscription is activated you will be able to get started. For the uninterrupted use of GST software you just need a proper internet connection. The GST software price is very affordable.

How many Returns are required to be filed under GST?

Generally, a business will be required to furnish 3 monthly GST returns and 1 annual return. That means every business will have to file 37 returns in a financial year. However, there are separate GST returns for the following taxpayers:

  • Composition scheme dealers
  • Input Service Distributor
  • TDS Deductors
  • TCS Colletors
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