All About Bill of Entry & How to Automate Data Extraction from BOE

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at January 25, 2023

What is Bill of Entry?

Bill of entry meaning BOE filing by exporters or importers on or before the arrival of the shipment of the imported goods. BOE plays a major role in the clearance of the shipment as it has to be submitted to the Customs department.

BOE India shall be raised for both household consumption goods and bond clearance. The acronym of Bill of Entry is BOE full form which is a document that is legally that is acceptable in the eyes of law. In this article we’ll discuss BOE in shipping, bill of entry format, bill of entry in import, bill of entry in GST, what is BOE, bill of entry status, bill of entry payment, types of bill of entry, and much more. 

When Bill of entry shall be filed?

When a seller imports from other countries a legal document is filed by the importer or a customs agent on the arrival of goods. This legal document we called a bill of entry in Import. This bill of entry document an important part of the customs clearance procedure and is submitted to the customs department.

The bill of entry can be issued either for home usage. Because after issuing of bill of entry in GST, the importer can claim ITC on the goods. 

How Can One Track the Bill of Entry Status?

One need to go at ICEGATE is an online filing service website for traders as well as logistic cargo operators. This would also help the exporters and traders in tracking the clearance status on various goods in different services provided by the ICEGATE website. Tracking the ICES or Indian Customs EDI system through the ICEGATE portal is very easy and simple.

Follow the steps to track the Bill of entry Status

  • Go to the ICEGATE Portal or website: https://enquiry.icegate.gov.in/enquiryatices/beTrackIces
  • Choose the Port code using from the dropdown menu
  • Input your Shipping Bill number and date
  • Also the Captcha in the required fields.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.
  • The status or details will get displayed.

Who needs to issue Bill of Entry?

The following person needs to issue BOE number format

  1. Importers - who import goods from the foreign country
  2. Seller - who sell goods after purchasing

Customs Clearance Procedure

The authorized officer will examine the shipment after the Bill of Entry (BOE) is furnished. Afterwards, for clearing the shipment from customs the importer or exporter has to pay the customs duty, IGST and CESS applicable. The importer or exporter can claim a refund of GST and CESS paid but custom duty fg in bill of entry meaning cannot be claimed back.

Process in Bill of entry payment includes 

  1. Filled the form
  2. Examination of goods from custom officer
  3. Pay the duty to claim the ITC for Bill of entry in GST

Bill Of Entry (BOE) Format

As per the guidelines of the government, here is how the bill of entry format look like under the GST regime:

How to make entry of customs bill of entry?

To automate the customs bill of entry OCR are the Best way to automate the data entry from the Bill of entry in Import, OCR will also helpful in Bill of entry payment as it will smoothen the data extraction process Document once from the Bill of Entry Status is clear.

Manual entry of is tedious Job for after the Bill of Entry Status got clear because the document is 4 to 5 pages in length and it contains too many fields which make data entry difficult for people and took too much time.

Bill of Entry

You can try out these OCR APIs to automate the data extraction

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Content of Bill Of Entry (BOE)

Port Code and License Number

  1. IEC (Import Export Code)
  2. Customs House Agent Code
  3. Import/exporter name and address
  4. Port code and license number
  5. Country of origin and its code
  6. Country of consignment and its code
  7. Port of shipment
  8. The importer's or exporter's address will get auto-filled in case if the taxpayer is registered.
    NOTE: In the IEC field the taxpayer needs to enter their GSTIN or provisional GSTIN. In case if the taxpayer does not have regular or provisional GSTIN, he/she can use their PAN/UIN. It shall be noted that the GST refund will be given based on this.
  9. Name of the Vessel, country of origin and its code, country of consignment and is code, shipment court, landing bill date.
  10. Details of goods
    • Quantity of goods
    • Goods description, serial number and unit code of goods
    • Package weight and value
    • For every class, there should be a different goods description
    • Tariff of custom consisting of exemption notification and year
  11. Customs duty:
    • Duty code nature
    • Landing and handling charges along with the assessable value of the goods
    • Basic customs duty applicable
  12. Tax Levied is actual Bill of entry payment you made
    • IGST along with code, rate and amount
    • Amount of CESS
    • Exemption notification for claiming exemption from IGST and compensation CESS
    • The total amount of duty in words and the total number of packages in words
  13. Two declarations and signatures for Customs officer or Agent and importer/exporter. Only after both these parties sign the bill, the bill becomes valid and verified.


Current Problem with the bill of entry import document

  • Too many Fields
  • Bill of entry status update time is long due to document length
  • Document is lengthy
  • Time taking 
  • The cluttered document makes it difficult to entry

How to automate or extract the data of bill of entry in a minute through OCR

How OCR Software can we used to extract data from the Bill of Entry

Masters India also offers BOE data extraction API that will get integrated into your existing Solution or ERP such as SAP Oracle, Microsoft and others, this API offers true real-time data extraction from the Bill of Entry. It extracts over 50+ different field data (including line item data), no dependency on the template. These OCR API can be used to make Real-Time Data Extractions possible from Bill of entry

Below Steps will explain the whole process of how you can Test our Bill of entry on masters India OCR API over Postman and in your ERP.

To Try OCR API to extract the data from the Bill of Entry in Import or Export use Postman

  1. Kindly check the OCR API Documentation
  2. Request credentials for a token

OCR API Documentation

  • Visit https://docs.mastersindia.co/invoice-ocr/ to see code examples for making API requests to Masters India OCR
  • View Documents

OCR API for BOE data extraction - use the same invoice OCR API

After following the OCR API doc two Extra Steps are required, To Test the BOE - please add the two steps in the header section of the upload API -  as visible in the image & Hit send button and the result will get visible

  1. document_type : BOE
  2. format: export

You can also use other types of documents or formats form13, form14, export, sez - if any other extra format let us know.

API to be used

  1. https://api-platform.mastersindia.co/api/v1/token-auth/
  2. https://api-platform.mastersindia.co/api/v1/ocr/upload/

Please follow this doc for setup - Invoice OCR APIs - Invoice OCR API


For Token - Contact sales


Once checked, go ahead and register on the Masters India website to get the necessary tokens. You will need your username, Password to access the token.

This is a synchronous API call, which returns all the data extracted in ~10 -15 seconds for a single-page document. Each additional page for PDF documents may take another 3 – 4 seconds per page.

  1. Masters India OCR API can capture data from Bill of Entry in PDF format.
  2. Our OCR API Results for Bill of Entry copy will contain the field name and its value visible in the example "invoice_number_1": "E/0140/2022-23",

Response - Below is a JSON example of the data extracted from the Bill of entry:

    "ad_code_1": "0180385",
    "aeo": "",
    "assess": "N",
    "bill_type": "shipping_bill",
    "br": "0",
    "brc_dt": "31-AUG-23",
    "buyer_name": "VIVA CHEM FZCO",
    "cb_code": "ABFCS8221GCH001",
    "cess_amount_1": "",
    "cess_rate_1": "",
    "challan_no": "",
    "com_cess_1": 0,
    "commison_1": "0",
    "consignee_address": " N.A............... VIVA CHEM FZCOJAFZA BUILDING NO.24, JEBEL ALI FREE AE",
    "consignee_name": "TO THE ORDER OF",
    "container_date": "",
    "container_no": "ITEK01654879",
    "container_seal": "25-NOV-22",
    "country_of_destination": "OMAN",
    "country_of_discharge": "OMAN",
    "dbk": "Y",
    "dbk_bank_ac_no": "33XXXXXX247",
    "dbkclmd_1": "Y",
    "deduct_1": "0",
    "deec_dfia": "N",
    "desc_1": "AQUEOUS AMMONIA 17656 SOLUTION (23-25%)",
    "dfrc": "N",
    "discount_1": "0",
    "district_of_origin_1": "THANE",
    "drawback": [
        "1 1 2814B 17656 713511.3 1 7135.11 0 0 0"
    "duty_amount_1": "",
    "exchange_rate_1": "80.9",
    "exmn": "Y",
    "exporter_address": "305-A, KSHITIJ, OPP.ANDHERI SPORTS COMPLEX, VEERA DESAI ROAD, Contact 400058",
    "exporter_gstin": "27AAAFB2525K1ZO",
    "exporter_name": "BOMBAY AMMONIA & CHEMICAL COMPANY",
    "exporter_pincode": "400058",
    "exporter_state": "MAHARASHTRA",
    "fc_value_1": "7924.37",
    "fob_1": "713511.3",
    "forex_bank_ac_no": "10XXXXX259",
    "hsn_1": "28142000",
    "iec": "0393020088",
    "ifsc": "SBIN0005349",
    "igst_amt_1": "128431",
    "igst_value_1": "713508",
    "igststat_1": "P",
    "insurance_1": "0",
    "inv_fob_currency_1": "USD",
    "inv_fob_value_1": "8819.67",
    "inv_freight_currency_1": "USD",
    "inv_freight_value_1": "1156",
    "inv_item_count_1": 1,
    "inv_term_1": "CF",
    "invoice_currency_1": "USD",
    "invoice_date_1": "25/11/2022",
    "invoice_number_1": "E/0140/2022-23",
    "invoice_value_1": "9975.67",
    "item_count": 1,
    "jobbing": "N",
    "leo_dt": "27-NOV-22",
    "leo_no": "43/51",
    "lut": "N",
    "marks_numbers": "TAX INV NO: E/0140/2022-23 DT: 25.11.2022. SUPPLY MEANT FOR EXPORT ON PAYMENT OF INTERGRATED TAX.AS PER INVOICE \"(WE INTEND TO CLAIM BENEFIT / REWARD UNDER Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) SCHEME \"I/We undertake to abide by provisions of Exchange Management Act",
    "meis": "Y",
    "mode": "SEA",
    "pmv_1": "44.45",
    "port_code": "INNSA1",
    "port_of_destination": "OMSOH (Sohar)",
    "port_of_discharge": "OMSOH (Sohar)",
    "port_of_loading": "INNSA1 (Jawaharlal Nehru (Nh)",
    "qty_1": "17656",
    "rate_1": ".44882",
    "rbi_waiver": "",
    "re_exp": "",
    "rodtep": [
    "rosl": "N",
    "schcod_1": "19",
    "scheme_desc_1": "Drawback",
    "shipping_bill_date": "26-NOV-22",
    "shipping_bill_number": "5745257",
    "sqc_msr_1": "17656",
    "sqc_uqc_1": "KGS",
    "submission": "26-NOV-22 15:35",
    "supp_doc": [
        "0 0 101002 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600068423 26-NOV-22",
        "1 0 331000 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600066734 26-NOV-22",
        "1 0 934000 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600066732 26-NOV-22",
        "1 0 325000 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600068424 26-NOV-22",
        "1 1 890000 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600066733 26-NOV-22",
        "1 1 001000 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600066731 26-NOV-22",
        "1 1 003000 SHIPPINGWORLD00 2022112600066735 26-NOV-22"
    "type_nos_cont": "1",
    "type_nos_inv": "1",
    "type_nos_item": "1",
    "type_pkg_cont": "19800",
    "type_pkg_inv": "89",
    "type_pkg_item": "KGS",
    "unit_of_measure_1": "KGS"

If you would like to Try out our OCR API on Bill of Entry documents. Visit Masters India Invoice OCR Page and a Request Callback.

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