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How Artificial Intelligence in Accounting Helps Accountants?

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 07, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Accounting

Accountants play a crucial role in several aspects of the business. They are responsible for maintaining and interpreting financial records. Like every other field, artificial intelligence (AI) has also been introduced to the accounting field.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or artificial intelligence leverages machines, robots and computers to imitate the decision making and problem-solving capabilities of the human mind. AI allows machines or robots to perform human-like tasks. With AI, machines can analyse large amounts of data, work efficiently and solve problems through reinforced, supervised or unsupervised learning. Everything around us has a touch of artificial intelligence in it. Artificial intelligence in accounting is replacing dull, mundane and repetitive tasks like entering data, auditing, payroll and others. It had the power to transform the accounting and finance industries. There is a positive impact of artificial intelligence on accounting as it gives a competitive advantage and saves a drastic amount of time and money. AI in accounting and finance reduces your costs by 80% and the time to perform tasks by 80-90%.

Are You Worried About Losing Your Job to Robotics?

The current status of Artificial intelligence in accounting has given rise to fears in the mind of accounts about losing their job or getting replaced. But AI in accounting and finance will only change the ways how accountants perform their activities.

AI and Accounting

Today, accountants find it hard to follow traditional services like manual data entry when these services can easily be performed with software to save time, money and energy. According to Blake, “We are quickly approaching an era of ‘no code accounting’ – truly zero data entry.” We are on the way to cloud-based accounting and, such platforms are moving beyond transaction automation towards analysis. The concept of artificial intelligence accounting is not new; however, its adoption is still in its early stages.

Accounting Activities That AI Can Perform

Are you wondering about how AI can assist with accounting activities? Don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. These are as follows:

  • Limiting the Risk of Fraud

By analysing patterns and document monitoring, AI can detect and prevent fraud. They can check for compliance with accounting rules, standards and laws, and AI can highlight all the errors for humans for cross-checking.

  • Better Audits

In the absence of AI, the audit team have to tally the data manually. AI has the ability to audit 100% of the company’s data. It makes it possible for auditors to work smarter and better. Audits with the help of AI are more accurate and efficient.

  • Better Business Forecasting

AI uses machine learning algorithms to make forecasts. Even if you have more than 1,00,000 factors that could affect your forecast, AI or machine learning can discover correlations and patterns in data and provide you with accurate forecasts. This type of forecasting is not at all feasible for traditional human systems of forecasting.

  • Risk Assessment

AI is a game-changer for the management of risk. Banks and fintech companies are implementing AI’s risk management systems to enable the decision-making process. It enhances risk detection and prevention.

  • Streamline Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence supports financial managers in keeping a better track of time-consuming and tedious transactions. It allows and assists you in extracting data from receipts and classifying them. Reports are then populated so they can be analysed in one place.

  • Execute Corporate Policy

One of the best functions you can accomplish using AI is the execution of corporate policy. AI can be utilised to limit the time it takes to discover matters of non-compliance with financial laws. It can detect entries and transactions that are made outside the policy. This aids auditors to inspect errors instantly.

  • Expense Management

The AI-powered systems are quick and efficient. AI can save a lot of time by faking over cumbersome tasks. Your finance team consumes a substantial amount of time to revise and finalise expenses. Due to digitisation, human errors are reduced, and processes are completed in a shorter time. AI goes through all your receipts and costs related to audits. It alerts you when a violation occurs.

  • Vendor Onboarding

AI can help you reach a wider set of new consumers leading to an increase in revenue and profits for your company.


Will AI Replace Humans?

It is a common myth that robots can replace humans, which isn’t true. AI technologies, software and robots can make our lives easygoing, but there will be a forever need for humans to use, control, instruct and manage the machines what they need to do. One cannot deny the fact that AI is the new normal in today’s era. But technological advances cannot eliminate the need for human intelligence completely. AI and accounting go hand in hand. With AI in place, the accounting department can focus on other essential aspects of a business, like consulting and data analysis services. Accounting industry overview: AI cannot fully replace accountants as trust, truth, and fairness are some of the aspects that only humans can perform. Therefore, rather than rendering accountants unemployed, AI helps them do tedious and repetitive tasks in an advanced manner.

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