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Impact Of E-Way Bill On FMCG Sector

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is one of the most important sectors in the Indian market. The FMCG sector operates in non-durable products with short to medium term shelf life which is generally of lower value. Examples include milk and milk products, rice and pulses, vegetables and fruits, soaps and shampoos, perfumes and deodorants, etc. … Read moreImpact Of E-Way Bill On FMCG Sector


The majority of entities that file income tax returns would be using ITR-1 to ITR-6. However, the ITR-7 would be available for certain special types of entities, e.g., the entities enjoying tax-exempt status. In this article, we will discuss the ITR-7 in brief. Applicability Of ITR-7 Contents Of ITR-7 Applicability Of ITR-7 The ITR-7 applies … Read moreITR-7

What Is PMT-09?

PMT-09 was recently introduced and made available on the GST portal on 21 April 2020. All the registered taxpayers can reallocate the balance available in the electronic cash ledger to major/minor heads using the PMT 09 form. In this article, we will help you understand: What Is PMT-09? How To File PMT-09 Form? Points To … Read moreWhat Is PMT-09?

GST Payment Status and Payment Failures

In this digital world, where most of the payments are made online, it is imperative to have a tracking system in place so that taxpayers are assured that the payment is completed and reached the destined account. GST filing is done monthly/quarterly, and the subsequent tax payments are made online by the GSTIN holders as … Read moreGST Payment Status and Payment Failures

What is GST ITC 04 Form?

GST ITC 04 is a form used by GST registered taxpayers to file quarterly returns to claim Input Tax Credit (ITC). With the help of this form, the details of the inputs or the goods sent to the job worker and received from the job worker are recorded. Here, the quantity and description of goods … Read moreWhat is GST ITC 04 Form?


Letter of Undertaking or LUT is an undertaking submitted by an exporter of goods or services. It allows the exporter to export goods or services without payment of IGST, given that he completes the process of export of goods or services within the prescribed time limit. In this article, you will understand: What Is LUT … Read moreLUT Under GST

ITR – 6

Corporate taxation is an important source of revenue for the Government. A balance between making the compliance process agile and being as comprehensive as possible is necessary for efficient tax collection. In this article, we are going to explore the income tax return applicable to corporate assessees. Applicability Of ITR-6 Contents of the ITR-6 Applicability … Read moreITR – 6

E-Way Bill For Transportation Of Goods By Airways

Under GST, e-Way Bills (EWB) are mandatory for facilitating the interstate or intra-state movement of goods when the value of the goods exceeds INR 50,000. These goods can be transported through road, air, water or rail. In this article, we will specifically discuss the EWB requirements when goods are transported through airways. Points To Be … Read moreE-Way Bill For Transportation Of Goods By Airways