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Masters India autoTax and Oracle – E-Invoicing Solution

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 22, 2023

E-Invoicing Solution

E-Invoicing is mandatorily applicable to businesses with a turnover more than INR 500 crores from October 1 2020. Under this, businesses will have to validate pre-issued invoices through a Government notified Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) and generate e-Invoices for the same. The Government has also notified a schema to help taxpayers in preparing invoices with the required details. We at Masters India have identified that taxpayers are comfortable with their existing invoice creation mechanism. We also believe that to accommodate the new compliances, it will be impractical to migrate to a new system. That is why we have developed a customised product called ‘autoTax’ to help you include the e invoicing oracle mechanism directly into your ERP. Oracle users can now integrate ‘autoTax’ with their ERP and decompress as:

  • They do not have to interact with Government Portals and its software directly. As of today, the Government software requires a taxpayer to perform a lot of steps that can be a tedious process for companies with high volume transactions and data.
  • The Oracle ERP as such does not have a native compliance environment to support the e-Invoicing needs.
  • It is time-consuming to track every invoice manually and check the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and Quick Response (QR) code generated.
  • Domestic and International transactions can be bifurcated for the generation of e-Invoices.

In this article, we will help you understand:

What Is autoTax?

autoTax is a Masters India product provided as a solution to automate the e-Invoicing process for enterprises across industries. The autoTax – GST and E-Way Bill is a compliance product trusted by 400+ enterprises. With autoTax, e-Invoices can be generated in a single click directly from the users ERP within seconds. It ensures that the user’s systems are automated and connected with the Government servers in real-time so that no invoice is left unaccounted. Zero manual intervention turns out to be one of our USPs.

autoTax And Oracle

autoTax integrates with Oracle through APIs and ensures there is seamless communication between the ERP and Government Portals (GSTN, E-Way, e-Invoicing). With this, compliances can be achieved with minimum but genuine efforts. The workflow is simple, as shown in the image below:


E-Invoicing Solution  

E-Invoicing In Oracle Through autoTax – Initial Set-Up

autoTax is integrated with oracle through web services. The processing takes place at the backend enabling the users to have the existing user experience of the Oracle dashboard. The integration methods offered are:

  1. API based integration for real-time processing and
  2. SSH File Transfer Protocol, also known as Secure FTP (SFTP) based integration for scheduled processing.


E-Invoicing In Oracle Through autoTax

Based on the integration method selected, Masters India will plug-in the autoTax e-Invoicing program into the Oracle ERP. Here, there are only two pre-requisite configurations required:

  1. Oracle Wallet configuration
  2. E-Invoice API installation and setup

However, this will be taken care of by our experts. autoTax oracle connector is a program written in PL/SQL as a package which contains procedures and functions. Through the connector, data is transferred between Oracle and IRP portal.


How To Generate An E-Invoice Through Oracle?

autoTax covers all kinds of documents that require e-Invoices to be generated.

  • Tax Invoice
  • Debit/Credit Memo
  • Reverse Charge Invoice

The e-Invoice can be generated in 2 ways:

  1. Automatic generation when the regular document(invoice) is generated within Oracle. Our team can configure this for you.
  2. Manual generation.

The process for manual generation is:

  • Step 1: Perform the source transaction in ERP (Oracle) Here ‘Source Transaction’ means, issuing of Tax Invoice / Credit Memo / Debit Memo etc. like it is usually done. Once the regular document is created within the ERP, the user will get a document number which will have to be shared on the government portal. However, the interaction with the Government portal will be managed by autoTax in the backend.

Note: While installing the APIs, a custom mapper will be added within the ERP to help the autoTax program map the details entered in Oracle with the details required by the Government. Columns needed as per the Government schema that were not available within Oracle initially will now be available with the new update.

  • Step 2: Run the ‘E-Invoice Generation Program’ through Oracle. The user will have to set parameters within the program every time he/she wishes to generate an e-Invoice.


E-Invoice Generation Program


The ‘Document type’ and ‘Document No’ will have to be entered to complete the transaction.

E-Invoice Generation Program


  • Step 3: Interaction with Government portal Once the details mentioned above have been entered, the APIs will make the required interactions with the Government portal in the backend and send the document details via secured networks. On validation, the Government portal will send back the signed invoice with the IRN and QR code. The received invoice will be available within the ERP for future reference and use. Interestingly, autoTax completes this process within seconds.  The status of requested e-Invoices can be viewed under the ‘Request’ program in Oracle.


E-Invoice Generation Program

Other Features

autoTax aims to cover the e-Invoicing process from start to end. To ensure that the users do not have to visit any other website for any actions related to e-invoicing, the following options are provided within Oracle itself: :

  • ‘E-Invoice View Program’: Through this program, users can view the generated e-Invoices and print the same. Those invoices for which generation has failed will also be visible here.
  • ‘E-Invoice Cancel Program’: Government allows taxpayers to cancel e-Invoices within 24 hours of generation. Through this program, the required e-Invoices can be cancelled with a single click directly from Oracle.

Privacy and Security

We understand that financial data is sensitive. To ensure that the user privacy is maintained and the data is secured, Masters India has taken cautious steps. Some of these are:

  • The systems are annually audited as per the ISO 27001 guidelines.
  • The data shared is encrypted throughout the process. That means the data is ciphered not only during the transition but also when it is at rest.
  • We work on the Virtual Private Cloud of AWS.
  • All the actions taken through autoTax are ‘User Permission’ based.
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