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We know that to know all about TAN is quite impossible. So, we have gathered all the basic TAN FAQs in this article for your convenience.

Q1. What is TAN?

Ans. TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) is a unique alphanumeric code that is of 10 digits.

Q2. Who needs to obtain TAN?

Ans. TAN needs to obtained by all those persons who collect or deducts tax.

Q3. Why TAN is required?

Ans. TAN is compulsorily required by the above-mentioned persons at the time of furnishing (i) TCS or TDS Return

(ii) TDS or TCS Challan (iii) TDS or TCS Certificate

Q4. How to obtain a TAN?

Ans. TAN can be obtained both offline and online.

(i) Offline Procedure

In order to obtain TAN offline, the applicant has to furnish the TAN allotment application in Form 49B and needs to submit the same to any TIN-FC. It shall be noted that the addresses of TIN-FCs are available at the NSDL-TIN website.

(ii) Online Procedure

In order to obtain TAN online, the applicant needs to visit the NSDL-TIN website and follow the procedure as mentioned here.

Q5. Where to obtain Form 49B?

Ans. TAN allotment application i.e., Form 49B can be directly downloaded from the NSDL e-Gov-TIN website for free. However, photocopies of the same are also available at TIN-FCs. Moreover, printed copies of the forms in the format as prescribed by the Income Tax Department are also allowed to be used.

Q6. Who will allot TAN?

Ans. Income Tax Department (ITD) allot TAN, on the basis of the application submitted online at NSDL e-Gov -TIN website or offline at TIN-FCs managed by NSDL e-Gov. However, it shall be noted that TAN will be provided to the applicant at the address mentioned in the TAN allotment application form.


Q7. Can the TAN application be made on a plain paper?

Ans. No, TAN Application cannot be made on plain paper. You need to either download it from the NSDL-TIN website or obtained it from TIN-FC.

Q8. What documents need to be uploaded together with the TAN application?

Ans. In case if you are submitting the form offline there is no such document that needs to be submitted along with TAN application. However, in a case when the application is submitted online, the signed acknowledgment generated post furnishing the application form shall be sent to the NSDL e-Gov. You can find the detailed guidelines for submission of application on the NSDL e-Gov TIN website i.e. www.tin-nsdl.com.

Q9. Is a separate TAN required to be obtained for the purpose of Tax Collection at Source (TCS)?

Ans. No, as we already know the full form of TAN is Tax Deduction and Collection Number. This means no separate TAN is required to be obtained for the purpose of TCS or TDS. Single TAN can be used for both TCS and TDS.

Q10. What will happen if we submit an incomplete form 49B?

Ans. There can be two case scenarios in this:

(i) If you submit an incomplete Form 49B at TIN-FC offline, then in such a case the staff of TIN-FC will assist you to file the full form.

(ii) If you are submitting an incomplete Form 49B online, such an application will not be accepted by the NSDL-TIN website.

Q11. Are there any fees for submitting the TAN application?

Ans. Yes, the applicant needs to pay the processing fee of ₹ 55 + GST (as applicable) at the time of submitting Form 49B offline or online, whichever the case may be.

Q12. How an applicant will get intimated about the TAN allotment?

Ans. An allotment letter is sent to the applicant’s registered address and mail ID by the NSDL e-Gov.

Q13. How to know the status of my TAN application?

Ans. In case if you want to know the status of your TAN application. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Open the NSDL e-Gov -TIN website.

Step 2: Afterwards you need to click on the “Status track” option.

Step 3: Enter your unique 14-digit acknowledgment number received after 3 days of your application date.

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