How to Apply for TAN?

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 13, 2023

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    Steps to Apply for TAN

    The TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is a 10 digit alphanumeric number required to be acquired by all people liable for deducting or collecting tax. Under Section 203A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, it is obligatory to cite the Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) allocated by the Income Tax Department (ITD) on all TDS returns.

    Types of TAN Applications

    There are two types of TAN Applications

    (I) New TAN (Form 49B) - Regular This application is valuable when the individual deducting charge has never applied for a TAN.

    (ii) Change/Correction in TAN information for TAN Allotted This application structure is valuable if the individual deducting charge requires changing or add any details related to their TAN.

    How to Apply for TAN?

    There are two ways to apply for TAN application

    (i) Offline Method A TAN application can without much of a stretch be applied by depositing an appropriately filled structure 49B at any of the TIN Facilitation center or GSK. One can basically find the closest TIN help center to their area, equipped with the biometric-based facility. TAN is then designated to the different applicants by the Income Tax Authority. These days, it has gotten extremely simple to apply for TAN online by a method of an online application. The TAN application must be made by a method of utilizing the 49B Form. For any of the physical applications got, one isn't required to present any of the supporting documents to the division being referred to. In any case, for an online application, a substantial acknowledgment got after the application submission should be given to the division as a piece of evidence.

    (ii) Online Application Procedure for TAN Here is how a person can apply for TAN online:

    • Step 1: Open tin-nsdl Website
    • Step 2: Choose TAN under services
    • Step 3: Select Apply TAN online
    • Step 4: Fill Form 49B online
    • Step 5: A confirmation of the submission of the form together with the details filled by the applicant is shown on screen.
    • Step 6: In case if there is any mistake, the equivalent is required to be amended or corrected and the form should be re-submitted.
    • Step 7: After the successful submission of the form, an acknowledgment will be generated.


    Points to remember at the time of filing 49B Form

    Here is the list of points that needs to be kept in mind at the time of filing 49B Form. (i) Form 49B should be furnished in capital letters that too in English. (ii) The assessing officer details need to be mentioned by the applicant. In case if the information about the same is not available you need to visit the Income Tax office. (iii) Correct details regarding district, area, PIN code, and so forth need to be furnished by the applicant. In case if the information about the same is not known you need to visit the Income Tax office. (iv) The applicant needs to furnish the entire form as blanks or pending sections would not be considered (v) The person who will be liable to submitting the tax and filing Income Tax Return needs to compulsorily mention their designation. (vi) It shall be noted that the address of the applicant needs to be an Indian address.

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