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ICEGATE Significance and Functions

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 20, 2023


ICEGATE stands for Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Electronic Commerce (EC) Gateway. ICE GATE is a government portal that provides electronic filing services for trading partners.

The following topics have been covered in this article: 

1. ICEGATE (Vision & Mission)


The vision of ICEGATE is to provide an efficient medium to collect indirect taxes and administer cross-border control to increase voluntary compliance through login.


The mission of ICEGATE is to flawlessly implement and formulate laws and procedures of Customs, Central Excise, and Service Tax. Other missions of login be status are:

  1. Revenues realization fairly and efficiently.
  2. Facilitating Trade industry
  3. Administration facility to the economic, taxation and trade policies of the government.
  4. Controlling cross border movement of goods, services, and Intellectual Property.
  5. Enhancing competitiveness among Indian businesses.
  6. Preventing evasion of Revenue, social Menace and commercial frauds


2. What is ICES?

ICES is an acronym for the Indian Customs EDI system. Currently, ICES is handling 134 major customs locations which are close to 98% of the International Trade of India in terms of export and import consignments including https // login bill of entry status.

3. Salient features of ICES

Salient features of ICES on are

  1. Automation of customs clearance system to make customs clearance functioning smooth and transparent with the help of ICE GATE bill of entry.
  2. Real-Time electronic interfacing with import and export regulatory agencies through ICEGATE.
  3. Custom clearance using real-time Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through ICEGATE duty payment on in.

4. EDI Customs Trading Partners

EDI Trading Partner Type of Information Exchanged Messages Number
Importers or Exporters Bills of Entry or Shipping Bills and related messages 13
Airlines/Ships/ Shipping Agents Manifests and cargo logistics messages 26
Air Custodians Messages regarding cargo logistics 9
Sea Custodians Messages regarding cargo logistics 18
ICDs Messages regarding cargo logistics 6
Banks Financial messages – disbursement of duty drawbacks and payment of customs duty 9
DGFT License, shipping bills and IE Code data 13
RBI Foreign Exchange Remittance Data 1
DGCIS Trade statistics 2
Directorate of Valuation Data Valuations 2

5. Functions of ICEGATE

Here is the list of functions of ICEGATE

  1. Customs and Central Excise duties and Service Tax Levy and collection
  2. Manufacturing excisable goods and service providers’ unit registration and monitoring
  3. Scrutiny of returns filed and declaration received with the department
  4. Preventing and fighting unfair practices such as evasion of customs duties and taxes
  5. Export Promotion Measures
  6. Border Control Implementation on goods and Conveyances
  7. Clearance, as well as, the examination of imported and exported goods
  8. Clearance of International baggage and passenger
  9. Dispute Resolution via Administrative and Legal Measures
  10. Audit Assessments to ensure tax compliance
  11. Refund, Rebate and Drawback Sanctioning
  12. Revenue Arrears
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