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Enhancement in the E-Way Bill System

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at May 20, 2023

The E-way Bill portal has introduced certain enhancements in the e-way bill system to make the compliance of e-way bill procedure easy which includes pin to pin distance e way bill site.

  pin to pin distance e-way bill system

1. Distance Auto-Calculation Based on Pin Codes

E-Way Bill System

E-way bill portal has introduced the auto calculation of the distance between the supplier and recipient on the basis of pin codes which are said to be e-way pin to pin distance. The taxpayer generating e-way bill can quote an additional 10% more than the auto-calculated distance in pin to pin distance for e way bill.

Let us understand e way bill pin to pin distance with example if the auto-calculated distance between source A and destination B is 600 Km then, in this case, the taxpayer can quote 1o% over and above the auto-calculated distance. The total distance the taxpayer can enter is 660 Km (600+60).


  1. In case the PIN Code is the same as the maximum distance the taxpayer are allowed to enter 100 KMs.
  2. In case the taxpayer enters incorrect pin codes the e-way bill system will alert the user. In addition to this, the e-way bill with incorrect PIN codes will be flagged for review by the department.

2. Determining the Distance Between Two Pin Codes

On the homepage of e-way bill system, the taxpayer can determine the e-way bill pin to pin distance, and e way bill pincode distance between supplier and recipient by clicking on the Search button. After clicking on the search button he/she will get a “PIN to PIN distance E Way bill” option.

The taxpayer will be redirected to a new page wherein the taxpayer needs to enter the details in the Dispatch From and Ship to PIN codes. After hitting on the go button you will get different attributes such as road class, traffic data etc along with the distance between the two PINs.

E-Way Bill System pin to pin distance

3. Preventing Multiple E-way Bill Generation on a Single Invoice/Document

The government has prohibited the generation of multiple e-way bills on a single invoice or document by any party (consignor, consignee and transporter). In simple terms, now the e-way bill system is following the One Invoice One E-way Bill system.

Let us understand this with a screenshot, if a consignor is using the same invoice number to generate another e-Way Bill then the e-way bill system will show an error message.

pin to pin distance

4. E-Way Bill Extension in Case the Consignment Is in Transit/Movement

As per this enhancement, the transporter can extend the e-way bill validity. This was earlier proposed by the transporters the goods are in Transit/Movement.

To extend the validity of the e-way bill the taxpayer need to log into the e-way bill portal Here is a screenshot supporting this:

e-way pin to pin distance

To extend the validity of the EWB, the taxpayer needs to choose the YES option in the E-Way Bill. After choosing the YES option the taxpayer needs to select the consignment position if it is in Transit or In movement.

In Movement

If the taxpayer selects the movement option, the e-way bill system will ask him to select the transportation mode and vehicle details.

e way bill pin to pin distance

In Transit

In case if the taxpayer selects the transit option, the taxpayer needs to choose the transit type (road, warehouse and others) and transit place.

e-way bill pin to pin distance

It shall be noted that in both the above-mentioned scenarios the destination will be considered from the PIN mentioned in the PART-A of the EWB to calculate the distance for movement and validity date.

5. Reports of E-way Bills About to Expire Soon

Now the taxpayers and the transporter has the option to view the list of E-Way Bills that are about to end in a period of 4 days. This will help them to track the expiry dates of each consignment generated. The taxpayer or the transporter needs to log into the e-way bill portal ( and can navigate through the menus as illustrated below to reach the list.

eway bill pin to pin distance

The snapshot presented below shows the list of the e-way bill that is about to expire. The user can use this report to make sure that the goods reach their destination within the validity time.

pin to pin distance e-way bill system    

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