92000 Crores of GST Collected in September-17

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 14, 2023

The score cards for the collection of GST for September 2017 are out now. The finance ministry in its announcement made on 24th October’17, declared that, about 42.91 lakh tax payees have deposited around Rs. 92,150 crores as GST for Sep’17.

It stated “The total revenue of GST paid under different heads (up to October 23, 2017) for the month of September 2017 is Rs 92,150 crores”.

Central GST contributed around Rs. 14,042 crores and the State GST was Rs. 21,172 crores. Integrated GST topped the chart and stood at Rs. 48,948 crores, of which Rs. 23951 crores came from imports.

The revenue collected under compensation cess was Rs. 7988 crores, of which Rs. 722 crores was Compensation Cess from imports in the month of September.


42.91 lakhs businesses have filed their GSTR-3B, until 23rd October’17.

September was the 3rd month of GST collections.July started with an overall GST collection was Rs. 95,000 crores, August sled down to Rs. 91000 crores and September again pumped up to R. 92000 crores+.

Looks like, the internal goals of the government for the month of October’17 would be to touch the silver lining of Rs. 1 lakh crores.

As reported in Business Standards

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