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Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at June 16, 2022

WWW.gst.gov.in is a GST login Portal operated and run by the Government to provide several services around GST, ranging from application for GST registration to applying towards cancellation of your GST registration on GST login portal.

When you surf through www.gst.gov.in GST portal login, any taxpayer can conveniently file their GST Returns. Also, they may use the www.gst.gov.in dashboard to view any recent or updated notices and/or orders, furnish letters of undertaking and so much more. Here, in this article, we will discuss the usage and operation of the homepage content after www gst gov in dashboard login and GST login India.

How to Login into www.gst.gov.in?

Step 1: Open www.gst.gov.in login dashboard www.gst.gov.in

Step 2: Click on GST Login (www.gst login) www.gst.gov.in

Step 3: Enter valid credentials along with Captcha code and then click on the LOGIN button. www.gst.gov.in

Step 4: After clicking on the login button you will be redirected to the GST login dashboard on www.gst.gov.in login portal.  www.gst.gov.in

Here you can check www.gst.gov.in login status.

Homepage content on www.gst.gov.in

Once you log into the www.gst.gov.in (GST Portal) you can see the below listed content on the homepage:

1. Dashboard

When you log into the GST Portal gst.gov.in, a dashboard will appear. The taxpayer can create challan, file GST Returns and view notices on this dashboard.

Goods and Services Portal

2. Services

After logging into the GST Portal www.gst.gov.in, the taxpayer get a list of different services that are available on it Registration Tab Government GST Portal Login Ledgers Tab Government GST Portal Login   Returns Tab Government GST Portal Login   Payments Tab Government GST Portal Login   User Services Government GST Portal Login   Refunds Tab Government GST Portal Login

3. Search Taxpayer

Through this feature, you may easily look up or search for any taxpayer either with their GSTIN or PAN. This is very helpful for the cross-verification of taxpayers’ identities. On the search menu for taxpayers, a user can search for the composition taxpayer as well. Please Note: You can use this feature without logging on to the GST Portal (gst.gov.in) as well. Government GST Portal Login

4. Help

The “help” section at the GST Portal contains several guides or user manuals, along with videos and answers to the FAQs as well as the system requirements for the various GST processes. This section at the GST portal shall resolve any such query of a taxpayer related to the GST. Government GST Portal Login

5. E-way bill system

The E-way Bill section at the GST Portal will redirect the user directly to https://ewaybill.nic.in/. Further, in this section, the user can read about the uses of e-way bill, their mode of generation, validity and the content of e-way bill. Government GST Portal Login

6. New Return Prototype

The “New Return Prototype” section/option at the GST Portal helps any taxpayer to get familiarised with the ‘New GST Returns’. This further redirects the user to https://demoofflinetool.gst.gov.in/instructions where they will need to log in, after which, a home page will appear. Government GST Portal Login

List of Services on the GST Portal (gst.gov.in login)

Here is the list of Services on the GST Portal (gst.gov.in login):

  • Normal Taxpayer, ISD, Casual Dealer Registration application
  • GST Practitioner Application
  • GST CMP-02 Form to opt composition scheme
  • GST CMP-03 Form for Composition Dealers to intimate stock intimation
  • GST CMP-04 Form to opt out of composition scheme

The GST portal set up by the government is a comprehensively intelligent piece of work where a taxpayer can access all the relevant information, updates and access to all the GST actions, majorly the registration, return filing, tracking and cancellation. However, it is understandable that a new user shall need a decent amount of prerequisite guidance to get hold of the process and actions.

MastersIndia stands with you at every step that you may need help and assistance. We have made our best efforts to layout a comprehensively informative and simple guide for using the GST portal, and yet, feel free to drop in any of your queries that you may come across while using the same and we shall get back to you on the same, as soon as we can.  

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