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What is a GST Suvidha Provider and Application Service Provider under GST Regime?

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 22, 2023

Who are GST Suvidha Providers and Application Service Providers under the GST Regime?

The launch of GST in India on the 1st of July 2017 brought to the forefront the collective efforts of the Central and State Governments, the Central and the State Tax Departments, the Banking sector, the Taxpayers, the Tax consultants, and also the role of a public-private partnership in the form of an accessible IT network known as Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). Essentially a non-profit concern, with a joint stake held collectively by the Central and State governments, the GSTN has successfully completed the first goal of providing IT infrastructure and services to all the stakeholders. It inculcates such an environment and tools that would in turn aid in the smooth and practical implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST). The GSTN operates through a common GST portal and shared IT infrastructure.

GSTN is a platform to align many of taxpayer’s concerns by taking into consideration a range of tasks – starting from registration of applications to the filing of the GST returns, creation of challans, determining the CGST/SGSfT/IGST payment, claiming ITC via matching Business to Business invoices uploaded by taxpayers to generally improving business intelligence and management. GSTN shall, through a unified portal work towards an increased and efficient tax management system. From this point, the concept of GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP) has come into the limelight. The taxpayers can access the front-end directly from the G2B portal that is provided by GSTN. They can also take the help of third-party GST Software service providers which are associated with the GST framework for interacting with the GST System for completing a spread of tasks that majorly includes filing of the returns.

The basic features provided by the GST portal are uniform and quite basic in design and form in a way that meets the needs of all taxpayers. On the other hand, third-party applications would ensure users access to more varied, refined interfaces and superlative features designed keeping in view specific groups of taxpayers (large businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises, and small businesses as tax-paying users). These applications are user-friendly and offer better protection under secure GST system Application Programming Interfaces. 

GST Suvidha Provider

Who is a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP)?

A GST Suvidha Provider that is GSP is essentially an authorized intermediary between business concerns to access the GST portal services. They help taxpayers or users undertake the compliance related to GST through their web platform (like the GST compliance solution interface found on Masters India). They are user-friendly and authorized by the Government of India. They provide compliance features used by taxpayers for uploading invoices, filing the GST returns (GSTR), and real-time reconciliation. Most of the GST functionalities are connected through the licensed third-party applications which are connected to the GST Server via protected GST APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These GSPs are more convenient and user-friendly tools for taxpayers to comply with taxation norms.

Who is an Application Service Provider (ASP)?

Application Suvidha Provider (ASP) or Application Service Provider may be a third-party application service provider that would be employed by taxpayers or the users to file their taxes with the assistance of ASP partners. ASPs can develop an END TO FINISH SOLUTION for companies, taxpayers, and consultants. The GST filings can be done by taxpayers themselves, their tax consultants, or Chartered Accountants.

In the case of Application Service Providers(ASPs), the business and organizations need to upload the information related to the purchase and sales of Goods and Services to the ASP. After which ASP providers organize the “GST Returns” (the GSTRs) and file these returns through the GSPs. Acting as a bridge between GSTN and ASPs, GSPs carry richer features than ASPs.

They also offer customized solutions for the integration of GSP and ASP functionalities and their support. The ASPs are required to convert raw data provided by taxpayers. The calculation of tax is dependent on detailed profits and losses based on sensitive data. An ASP must fulfill all the criteria required in playing diverse roles when engaging with the taxpayer. Some of these roles are:

Protection and Privacy of Data

As there is a heavy load of sensitive information to be dealt with, an ASP must secure data privacy with the strictest of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and other security measures in place.

Verification of Data

Details submitted by the taxpayer are to be used by ASPs in filing GSTRs, which incorporates a process of authentication/verification. The ASPs can perform this task well and the taxpayers (companies and their officials) must furnish the details to facilitate the proper and accurate filing of returns.

Data Archiving and Retrieval

With a storage period of more than eight years, ASPs act as data archives for taxpayers’ tax-related information, which means taxpayers can retrieve data at any given point in time.


Audit Features

The ASP platform is a storehouse of data from where the details are uploaded, at the time of filing the returns. It also cross-checks the audit features available on the interface. It helps in maintaining consistency and accuracy in the process of application filing: 

  • India is a tax-driven country where rules and procedures override simplicity in the process of calculation of tax, appointing an ASP for the task ensures consistency and accuracy in filing tax returns.
  • The GSP & ASP can also provide other value-added services such as tax alerts, legal support.

As an impaneled GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP), Masters India is the one-stop solution provider for all your taxation-related queries and processes. With fully automated GST software for filing returns and features that help maintain your tax records spotless. Are you still confused with the process of GST? Avail professional guidance and GST-related services like filing GST returns, managing e-way bills, and guidance on GST compliant invoices, connect with Masters India now at | +91 9513482727.

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