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GST Registration through AADHAAR Authentication

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 07, 2023

GST Registration

From 21 August 2020, businesses can get new GST registrations by authenticating their AADHAAR. When registration is through the AADHAAR authentication mode, businesses can expect to get registered within three working days, if no notice is issued.  This facility will enhance the idea about  ‘Ease of doing Businesses’. At the time of GST registration, if you encounter GST aadhaar authentication failed how to solve, so no need to worry, we have solution.

How to Obtain GST Registration Using AADHAAR Authentication?

The steps for AADHAAR authentication to get new GST registration are:

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Services’ from the options in the top panel for the drop-down. Choose Registration from the ‘New Registration’ option.


GST Registration Using AADHAAR Authentication


  • Step 3: In the application, fill all the necessary details, click on proceed and then choose the option to authenticate AADHAAR.

GST Registration through AADHAAR Authentication

  • Step 4: If you say Yes above, an authentication link will be shared on the mobile number and e-mail ID furnished in the application.
  • Step 5: When you click on the verification link, a new window for AADHAAR validation will be prompted. Here you need to enter the AADHAAR number. Post this; an OTP will be sent the mobile number linked with the AADHAAR.
  • Step 6: Enter the received OTP and complete the authentication process.

 Note: In case if you want to access the AADHAAR authentication link sometime later, you need to navigate to ‘My Saved Application’ and then click on the ‘AADHAAR Authentication Status’. From here, you can choose to resend the verification link.

  • Step 7: After the process is completed, a message about successful e-KYC authentication will appear on the screen.

All the above steps help you to get GST registration with Aadhar authentication, but if you find system error in GST aadhar authentication or GST Aadhar authentication failed, then see below the solution.


Important Points to Note

  • The AADHAAR authentication process is introduced for all type of taxpayers applying for GST registration in Form GST REG 01.
  • GST registration will be deemed approved within three working days in case of successful authentication of AADHAAR.
  • If Aadhaar authentication fails or GST aadhar authentication error, registration shall be granted only after physical verification of the place of business.
  • In case there has been a GST aadhar authentication system error error, but no show cause notice is issued within 21 days by a GST authority, registration will be deemed approved.
  • GST officers can issue show cause notice within the period specified for approving registration:
    • In cases of successful AADHAAR authentication, within three working days,
    • In cases when taxpayers do not provide AADHAAR or when GST registration Aadhar authentication failed , within 21 working days.

Applicants can submit their reply within seven working days from the issue of show cause notice.

  • Taxpayers already registered on GST portal and NRIs are not required to undergo the AADHAAR authentication process.

Hope, now you understand how to resolve the aadhaar authentication error in GST, it is not so difficult but many times taxpayers puzzled and think why GST aadhaar authentication system error occured and what is the solution over this problem. But, now taxpayers can easily get thier GST registration with aadhaar authenitcation.

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