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GST Fraud Complaints

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 20, 2023

Under GST, there have been several instances where the shopkeepers are charging the wrong GST rates from the customer or how to complain gst fraud. Levying the wrong GST rate from the customer is considered a GST fraud under GST. So it is necessary to know about GST complaints against dealers, GST frauds complaints, GST evasion complaints, how to complain GST theft and much more.

Types of GST Frauds

1) GST collected on exempted goods or/and services There are many products or/and services that come under the GST exemption list some of examples of such goods are water, vegetables, eggs, and so forth. However, most of the customers are not aware of this list; shopkeepers and dealers manipulate and charge GST on such exempted items.

2) Levying wrong GST than the prescribed GST rates As the GST rates of goods or/and services keep changing from time to time, the customer is not aware of the exact GST rates. The best example of such GST fraud is GST on clothing items. As per the GST Act, only a 5% GST rate is applicable to clothing products that have a value of 1000 INR or less but however many shop owners are levying a common GST Rate irrespective of their prices.

3) Fraud GST officers There have been instances where a taxpayer has a complaint about fake people posing as GST officers. In the response of which the Chief commission of GST (Delhi Zone) clarified that no GST officer is allowed to visit any taxpayer and demand money in the name of GST.

Actions against GST Fraud

There are two ways using which a taxpayer can file a fake GST bill complaint (GST complaint against shopkeeper) and they are:

GST Help Desk Number: 0120-4888999

GST Help Email: Moreover, there are many other ways through which you can share your GST fraud complaint online such as unofficial GST forums and boards. This will not solve your problem but it will help other users to lodge GST fraud complaint against shopkeeper In addition to this, you can also contact your regional or state GST helpline to register GST fake bill complaint

Penalties for GST fraud

Any taxpayer who has carried out GST fraud or complaint against GST fraud has to either pay a 100% penalty amount or 10,000 INR against GST theft complaint. Additional penalties for GST fraud-

GST Amount involved 100-200 lakhs INR 200-500 lakhs INR Above 500 lakhs INR
Jail term Up to 1 year Up to 3 years Up to 5 years
Fine In all three cases

Steps to control GST Frauds

To put an end to the GST Frauds you can take the following measures:

  1. Checking GST rates of goods or/and services using HSN code search
  2. Verifying GST number using GST Number search or GST number search by name or PAN
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