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File GSTR 3B on autoTax GST Software

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 21, 2023

Know How to File GSTR 3B

Every regular taxpayer registered under GST shall file the return in GSTR 3B. Using autoTax GST software one can easily file the GST Returns simply and quickly. The due date of GSTR 3B filing is the 20th day of each succeeding month. So as to avoid the consequences for not filing the GST Return one must opt the autoTax GST solution. Here, we will discuss gst 3b return, how to file gstr 3b, how to file 3b in gst portal, gstr3b means.

Manual Mode

In case the taxpayer wants to manually enter the data in GSTR 3B, he/she can opt for manual mode and can easily prepare the GSTR 3B in no time. Let us see the steps involved in it.

1.    Login to autoTax account with valid credentials and by entering the captcha image.

autoTax GST Software

2.    From the side menu select GST Returns option.


autoTax GST Software

3.    Then choose GSTR 3B from the dropdown list.


autoTax GST Software

4.    Select Go to GSTR-3B present in the top right corner.


autoTax GST Software

5.    Then click EDIT option available on the tables present on the page one by one.


autoTax GST Software

6.    Afterwards, enter the data and then click SAVE.


autoTax GST Software

7.    Then click continue and Select Preview.


autoTax GST Software

8.    After previewing select Upload to GST.


autoTax GST Software

After uploading the GSTR 3B on the GST portal the taxpayer has to pay the tax on the GST portal GSTR-3B.


Auto mode

Any taxpayer can quickly file their GSTR 3B using the auto mode that is available on the autoTax.

This feature can be easily used by the taxpayer by simply uploading the purchase and sales invoices through Government utility or invoices created by autoTax. Here is a quick guide for GSTR 3B filing using auto mode by autoTax

1.    Login to autoTax with valid credentials.

autoTax GST Software

2.    Select GST Sales Data from the sidebar and then click on view from the drop-down menu.


autoTax GST Software

3.    Select Import Invoices present.


autoTax GST Software

✩  Note the taxpayer can upload different types of invoices including

•    B2B/B2CL/B2CS/Revised

•    Credit/Debit Notes

•    Export Invoices

•    Voucher

•    Document Summary

•    Gov (Government utility)

4.    Choose the file from your system and click on Import Invoices.


autoTax GST Software

5.    Then choose MAP option.


autoTax GST Software

6.    Afterwards, select Proceed.


autoTax GST Software

7.    Choose GST Purchase Data and click on View.


autoTax GST Software

8.    Select Import Invoice option.


autoTax GST Software

9.    Choose the invoice file from your system you want to upload and click Import Invoice.


autoTax GST Software

Your invoices will be imported.

10.    Select MAP option that is present on the top right corner.


autoTax GST Software

11.    Select Proceed.


autoTax GST Software

12.    Go to GST Returns and select GSTR 3B


autoTax GST Software

13.    Choose the option Go To GSTR 3B from the right corner.


autoTax GST Software

14.    Refresh all the columns present which will auto-populate all the fields present in the column using the sales and purchase invoice uploaded before.


autoTax GST Software

15.    Select Upload To GST option available on the top.


autoTax GST Software

16.    Login to GST Portal and file GSTR 3B Return.

Using auto mode the taxpayer can file the GSTR 3B hassle-free within few seconds and can also void from non-compliance of the provision for not filing the GST Return as prescribed under GST Act. The autoTax is a Masters India Product which is made with the perspective of simplifying the GST compliance for the user.

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