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Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 22, 2023
Q1. I want to know whether I can log into the e-SANCHIT application.

Ans. If you are registered on the ICEGATE portal then only you can access the e-SANCHIT link and can use it.

Q2. What should I do if the submit document button is not showing?

Ans. The Submit Document button will be visible after you have uploaded the document, selected the type of it and verified the DSC.

Q3. Can I upload the document on e-SANCHIT of any format and size?

Ans. No, the valid format of document to upload on e-SANCHIT is PDF that shall be less than 1 MB in size.

Q4. I want to ask if I can upload the “n” number of documents simultaneously.

Ans. No a user can only upload 10 documents on e-SANCHIT at a time.

Q5. Can I upload documents on e-SANCHIT with the same name?

Ans. No, a user cannot upload the documents with the same name. Moreover, the user must provide files meaningful names so that they can be recognized in the later stage.

Q6. What is the process of attaching the DSC with the documents that need to be uploaded?

Ans. A user can attach the DSC with utility provided on the ICEGATE portal. This utility is free that can be accessed using

Q7. I want to know whether the same DSC can be used to sign the uploaded documents on e-SANCHIT that I am using to sign the Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill.

Ans. The answer is yes, the user can use the same DSC that he/she is using for Shipping Bill and Bill of Entry.

Q8. What does IRN & DRN stands for?

Ans. DRN is an acronym for Document reference number which is a unique number allotted to a batch of uploaded documents. Whereas IRN is a short form of Image reference number that is given to every document in a batch separately.

Q9. Is it possible to delete the documents once uploaded?

Ans. Using the delete link the user can delete the uploaded documents easily which is available on the same page where you uploaded the document. Howsoever, once the document is submitted and IRN/DRN is generated such a document cannot be deleted from the ICEGATE system.

Q10. Before submitting the uploaded document can I view it?

Ans. Yes, before submitting the document the user can see the documents on the same page where they are uploaded.

Q11. Does the user get any confirmation for the document submission?

Ans. Yes, once the documents are successfully submitted, the user gets a confirmation mail on their registered mail-id.

Q12. Is there any search option through which I can search the previously uploaded document?

Ans. Yes, the user can search the previously uploaded document by using the search functionality present on the right-hand side of the e-SANCHIT. Through this functionality, the user can search the document uploaded using IRN, DRN, and date range.

Q13. Can I see the documents uploaded by other users?

Ans. No, you cannot view the documents uploaded by other users.

Q14. Why is it showing invalid DSC?

Ans. There can be 2 possible reasons either your DSC is not registered on ICEGATE or you forgot to sign the document that you are trying to upload.

Q15. Which documents need to uploaded online using e-SANCHIT? 

Here is the list of documents that need to be furnished by the user on e-SANCHIT:

  1. Landing Bill or Airway Bill
  2. Commercial Invoice or Commercial Invoice cum Packing
  3.  BOE (Bill of Entry)
  4. Other documents depending upon the commodity
Q16. I want to ask can a document contains multiple pages?

Ans. Yes, There is no such restriction on this but the size of the file shall not be more than 1 MB.

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