Deemed Exports in Annual GST Return (GSTR-9)

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Team Masters India at April 27, 2022
As the GSTR-9 filing date is approaching near assesses are in dilemma what to do and what not to. Moreover, furnishing every table in GSTR-9 Form is not an easy task as there is no option to revise GSTR-9 as of now. One of such query of assesses how to treat deemed exports in Annual GST Return i.e., GSTR-9. So before starting with the deemed export treatment, you should have a fair knowledge about what is deemed exports under the GST Act.

Deemed exports under the GST Act

Deemed exports are those supplies under GST that do not cross the Indian Territory or and the payment for such supplies are made in Indian Rupees or in convertible foreign exchange provided that the supplied goods are manufactured or produced in India. In simple words, deemed exports are that transaction that does not fall under the category of exports but GST Refund is provided on such transaction.

Conditions for deemed exports

There are some conditions that are applicable under GST:
  1. The deemed exports rule is applicable only for the supply of goods but does not extend to services.
  2. Goods are not taken outside the Indian Territory.
  3. The goods that are supplied under the heading deemed exports shall be notified by the Central Government as per Section 147 of CGST Act, 2017.
  4. The supplied goods shall be manufactured or produced in India only.
  5. Payment for such supply of goods shall be received in INR or in convertible foreign exchange.
  6. The supply of such good shall not be carried out under LUT or Bond.
  7. GST on such supply shall be made at the time of supply. Moreover, the refund of the paid tax can be availed by either of the following persons:
    • Supplier or such goods, or,
    • Recipient.
However, the recipient is ineligible to claim ITC in case if the supplier has taken a refund of the tax paid.

Deemed export treatment under various GST Returns

i. GSTR-1 The supply of deemed export goods shall be reported in Table 6C of GSTR-1. ii. GSTR-3B The outward supply of the deemed exports goods has to be furnished in Table 3.1 (b) of GSTR-3B along with other zero-rated supplies. iii. GSTR-9 (Annual GST Return) In Annual GST Return (GSTR-9) the sum total of deemed exports goods value shall be mentioned in Table-4E. To furnish the detail in Table-4E, GSTR-1 Table-6C can be used for filling up.
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