CAIT Threatens to Move Court Against Infosys

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 14, 2023

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Goods and Services Tax, which actually is primarily aimed to boon the businesses, economy and government, is experiencing bumpy rides, due to the ineffectiveness of the Goods and Service Tax Network. The resultant is a mentally and technically stressed trader’s community with fuming intentions.

The national body of the traders, CAIT [Confederation of All India Traders] has been protesting for long against Infosys – the mother outsourced company hired by GSTN for managing the GST portal. CAIT has been wondering, why the government is posing deaf ears to their genuine and logical issues about the efficacy of GSTN and why Infosys is not being dealt hard?

It is imperative to note that Infosys and the other sub contracted companies have been allotted the management of the GST portal at a whopping cost of Rs. 1400/- crores.

Though Infosys in the most expected ways considered all the assertions as “completely inaccurate”.

CAIT further said that Infosys is throwing “lame excuses” against its demand of CBI enquiry into a matter of utmost national significance with innate interest of lakhs of business community.

CAIT seem to be determined in its intentions to trace the root causes of the GSTN incompetence and said “if no immediate action is taken against Infosys, it will have no other alternative left but to take shelter of the Court of Law to intervene in the matter and while identifying the culprits award them suitable punishment for non-performance and wastage of public money. No one will be allowed to run away with public money”.

Infosys was glad to be handling such a mammoth project and in an official statement earlier this month said “Infosys is very proud to be associated with the prestigious GST project which is the largest tax project of its kind in the world. The system has already demonstrated success across several parameters”.

Infosys further said “Given the complex nature of the project and rapid change management, there have been several stakeholder concerns that have also been raised. Some of our finest engineers are supporting the GSTN team as they work towards resolving these and serving all stakeholders”.

Infosys opinionated that such a colossal project needs massive changes in both the policy and stakeholder usability and the amendments done have led to expedited changes in the system like GST’s integration with Aadhar and other diverse IT ecosystems.

The 23rd GST Council meeting’s announcements, reiterated government’s intentions to do everything in its capacity to smoothen the intake of GST and make it a happily adoptable affair by the business society at large. Furthering the same emotions, the government must interfere immediately and should proactively initiate an honest dialogue with the CAIT and subsequently with Infosys to put a full stop to all this.

As reported in Economic Times.

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