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Types of Income Tax Notices

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 17, 2023

See the Types of Income Tax Notices

The income tax office sends various sorts of notices to taxpayers depending on the reason for the notice. These notices are as per the following –

(i) Notice sent under Section 142(1)

A notice is served by the assessing officer under section 142(1) in two cases. If the official requires additional data and documents relating to your income tax returns. Furthermore, if the return has not been recorded however the official needs the return to be documented. If you don't revert to the notice served u/s 142(1), you would confront a punishment of INR 10,000, imprisonment for as long as 1 year, or both.

(ii) Notice sent under Section 139(9)

If the assessing official accepts that an incorrect income tax return is filed, he would serve you notice u/s 139(9). The mistake can be missing data, utilization of an inappropriate ITR structure, incomplete return, and so forth. The official would likewise feature the defect in the income tax return and suggest the solution thereof. You get a time of 15 days to revert to the notice. If you don't revert, your Income Tax Return would be dismissed.

(iii) Notice sent under Section 148

This notice is sent in situations where the assessing officer has the motivation to accept that a taxpayer has recorded his ITR on a lower income or not documented when he was ordered by the law. As far as possible to send the notice under this section relies upon the sum and nature of income evaded.

(iv) Notice sent under Section 156

If there is any kind of interest like punishment, fine, tax, or whatever other sums which the taxpayer should pay to the income tax department, a notice under Section 156 would be given. This notice is likewise called the demand notice and the taxpayer should pay the due sum within 30 days of getting the notice.


(v) Intimation sent under Section 143(1)

After you document and confirm your ITR, they are prepared online by the tax department. Post this assessment, the tax office sends a suggestion to all the taxpayers u/s 143(1). It contains data identified with an additional tax obligation or refund or loss referenced in the return ought to be increased or decreased or filed return is accurate.

(vi) Notice sent under Section 143(2) for scrutiny assessment u/s 143(3)

A notice u/s 143(2) is sent to the taxpayer if the Tax Department decides to investigate the ITR of the taxpayer. The assessing official sends this notice within 6 months from the end of the FY in which the return is furnished. After the notice is received by the taxpayer, he/she should answer to the questionnaire given by the income tax office and present all the additional records mentioned.

(vii) Notice sent under Section 131

In case if the surveying official accepts that the taxpayer is covering his income or a part thereof, he can serve a notice under this section. Through the notice, the assessing official can enquire the books of accounts of the taxpayer and look into the taxpayer's income.

(viii) Notice sent under Section 245

This notice under section 245 of the Income Tax Act is served by the assessing officer if they believe that you have not paid taxes in the past financial year where you had a tax liability and the tax refund of the current Financial Year can be utilized to take care of the tax obligation. You are required to revert within 30 days, failing which, the assessing official would consider it as agreement to adjust the tax refund with past tax liabilities and then issue your refunds after such alteration.

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