4.3 Million Tax Payers Filed GST Returns for July'17

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at November 02, 2022

The deadline to file GSTR-01 for the first month of GST, i.e. July’17 ended yesterday, although after being extended twice by the GST Council. A whopping 66%, which amounts to approximately 4.3 million of the eligible 6.5 million tax payers filed their 1st GST return.


Government is stretching itself quite a bit and is taking steps to ensure that the GST pill doesn’t taste bitter while gulping in. The first month’s return filing scores have been promising and the government has every reason to rejoice about it while quickly identifying, addressing and closing the open ends, which are also popping up as the new generation online taxation module is reaching to the extended masses.

As reported in Business Standard.

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