What is Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software and Features?

Juhi Dubey
Juhi Dubey at March 03, 2023

What is Tally ERP?

Tally ERP is suitable enterprise management software and accounting software from Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in India. The latest Tally software developments are rebranded as TallyPrime and TallyPrime Server (for business organizations). Tally has presented the Tally ERP 9 software since 2009. Tally’s two million consumers are found in 100 countries, including the U.S.

The redesigned TallyPrime software outcomes have productivity enhancements for fundamental automation, ease of use, and business reports delivering insights from any net browser.

Tally software, including TallyPrime, TallyPrime Server, and Tally ERP 9 accounting and ERP, are obtainable via portable devices with iOS and Android. Tally ERP 9 is open on desktops and via net browsers. TallyPrime and TallyPrime Server software outcomes let users obtain information from anywhere, with web browsers for a remote permit.

Tally accounting software contains cash management, bank reconciliation, receivables, payables, stock, invoicing, vouchers, general ledger, and financial statements like balance sheets and revenue statements.

AP Automation Software Integration and Tally ERP

AP automation software combines with Tally ERP software employing a balanced file or API connection. Users access its components through the Tally login. Software companies deliver more extensive payables automation and global group payments elements that save companies significant time and decrease erroneous payments and fraud risks.

Which Types of Businesses Use Tally?

Small corporations and midsize companies utilize TallyPrime and Tally ERP 9 software. Although Tally mainly targets short businesses and medium-sized companies, growing business organizations use the TallyPrime Server software product. Corporations in multiple enterprises, including manufacturing, operate Tally ERP. 

Why Do Businesses Use Tally ERP?

Associations on the new importance of Tally accounting software in the business world are calling for faster and simpler uses of Tally ERP 9 software. The advantages of the Tally ERP 9 program provides viable responses to its bookkeeping questions, and associations find it more pleasant and profitable. In addition, Tally ERP 9 web-based has led to multiple answers, and Tally sustains jobs.

  • Tally accounting software is being used in diverse ways by associations, including GST, stock management, payments, receipts, sales, purchases, etc.
  • Banking is another aspect of the latest adjustments and obtains payment directions with the benefit of the Banking Power. 
  • Utilizing proportional reports allows the consumer to make quick and authentic decisions.
  • Tally programming is not just related to estimating assignments. Tally ERP software also enables the delivery of VAT appraisals, personal expenditures, duties, customs, and organizational charges.

What Are The Preliminary Characteristics and Benefits of Tally ERP?

  • Excellent multi-dimensional reports with insights
  • Simple-to-understand software
  • Business management for multiple companies
  • Two-directional data syncing between company locations
  • Inventory management features
  • Job costing and project costing
  • Advanced invoicing
  • Handles GST statutory taxation in India

Users can consider TallyPrime statements differently from 360 degrees, with drill-down to get better industry insights and views, even during voucher entry. The TallyPrime definition viewing components have Change-View, Basis-of-Values, and Exception Report. TallyPrime allows users to accomplish cash flow management, including managing invoices, receivables, and accounts payable. Tally report classes include accounting & financial, inventory, management, and statutory reports. ‘

Corporation owners and users without an accounting degree (who may not yet understand the distinction between a debit and a credit) can quickly comprehend the use of easy Tally software. The accounting functions are involuntary. Tally ERP 9 allows users to accomplish data synchronization in both directions between two company business locations, like Headquarters and a branch office. 

With Tally stock management characteristics, users track, project, and handle inventory, permitting them to accomplish inventory levels and location optimization. TallyPrime advanced invoicing capabilities include the best invoice components, multiple configurations, and multiple billing modes.

Tally ERP manages GST, indirect destination-based goods and service tax in India, as directed by the provision of the Goods and Service Tax Act 2017. Components of Tally ERP 9 contain statutory and taxation arrangements for GST. At the same GST link, Tally describes how to create GST work in Tally ERP 9, utilizing a representative transaction. Tally satisfies the GST tax calculation for GST returns in the accounting system. Users require to enter transaction elements in the Accounting Voucher Screen and Sales Voucher Screen in Tally ERP 9 first.

To Enable GST Features in Tally

Step1:- Firstly we Go to Gateway of Tally > Then enter F11: Features > then F3: Statutory & Taxation.

On the tally display screen, you will discover the subsequent alternatives:-

  • Enable goods and service tax (GST): Yes
  • Set/alter GST Details: Yes.

This will show another screen where you can specify the GST details of the corporation such as the state in which the company is registered, enrollment type, GSTIN number, etc.

Step3:- After that, we Press Y or Enter to acknowledge and save.

How Will GST Work in Tally?

The Working of GST in Tally is identical to as prevalent during former taxation regulations such as VAT or CST or Service Tax.

The foremost measure before passing an Accounting Entry in Tally is to create a GST Accounting. Rather, let’s take an instance for our knowledge. For illustration, M/s XYZ Ltd of Mumbai sold goods worth Rs. 50,000/- to M/s XBMW Inc. of Kerala; the GST rate suitable for the given product is 18%

GST Calculation - M/s XYZ Ltd has to accumulate GST and state it is 18%. Accordingly, GST will arrive at Rs. 9,000/-.
Taxable Value - This value amount is the part on which tax will be assessed, let's say Rs. 50,000/- in this case.
Type of Tax to select - Since it is a transaction involving Inter-State trade, the ledger to create and select while preparing Accounting entry is the IGST ledger.
Rate of Tax to be provided during Tax Ledger composition screen - 18% IGST (Tax type: Integrated Tax).
Tax rate to a legend while training Stock Item Ledger - 18% IGST and Tally will automatically bifurcate and distribute the tax rate to CGST and SGST as 9% each.
Other ledgers to create - Make XBMW Inc., a ledger account with a GSTIN number.

Now we have to go to the Accounting Voucher Screen and fit these details into the Sales Voucher screen (F8). We are also not required to worry about tax calculation as Tally automatically calculates the Tax amount portion based on the details fed in Stock Item Creation Screen and Tax ledger creation screen.

GST Software Features in Tallyprime

Tally's GST software in India regulates all your GST invoicing requirements. You can create a range of invoices, from easy invoices to invoices with countless entries and numerous tax rates. You can also manage advance receipts, reverse charge scenarios, branch transfers, bills of supply, export invoices, input tax credits, and other adjustments by using Tally's GST billing software. Following are some of the primary components of TallyPrime GST software:

GST Invoicing: Now effortlessly generate digitally marked GST-compliant tax invoices, bills of supply, and much more with TallyPrime and remain obliging with the latest principles.  

  • E-Invoice and e-way bills: Designing e-invoices and e-way bills had never stood this comfortable. With TallyPrime, a fully interconnected solution, you can facilitate your e-invoicing, and the e-way bill must seamlessly.  
  • Auto-filled GSTR-3B and GSTR-1: TallyPrime's one-time return filing with auto-filled GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 makes it all the more straightforward. You can export the recovery data in numerous structures. 
  • Accurate Return filing: With the built-in intellect of TallyPrime, you can rest assured that your GST return filing is valid and filed on time. Tally's prevention-detection-correction tool provides that your GST returns are error-free with no mistakes while filing returns.   
  • Composition Scheme: Supervise the composition scheme from developing a bill of supply invoices to filing CMP-08 returns as per the GST regulation. 
  • Returns in JSON and Excel file: Exporting required data that auto-filled GST returns in JSON and excel format very efficiently. So we can export the return needed data in numerous formats, for example, GST Return data in JSON and MS Excel. 
  • Manage different types of GST transactions: Efficiently handle all GST transactions such as reverse charge transactions, importance, advancement receipts, SEZ, and much more. 
  • End-to-end accounting: Boost your accounting procedure by seamlessly following, operating, and managing your books of accounts efficiently with TallyPrime. 
  • Online business reports: Remain on top of your industry with immediate entrance to business statements from anywhere, using any appliance at any time.   
  • Business reporting: TallyPrime delivers a broad range of information that you can customize as per your requirement and get crucial understandings into your business. 
  • Quick setup: With a straightforward and effortless arrangement, you can begin operating TallyPrime. Also, you can quickly set up the GST stuff like configuring GST rates and party attributes within rare minutes.  

Continuous product update: Frequent product updates to guarantee that recent regulations and modifications are supported on-time

Filing GST returns accurately and On time with Tally's GST Software 

Avoid the hassles of segregating information invoice-wise, catch and update mistakes in transactions fast and develop returns in the needed format using TallyPrime. You can develop GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-4 in JSON format or utilize the Excel Offline Utility tool to file your GST returns where you can update data offline. To comprehend the product's abilities as a whole, feel free to use Tally's GST software free trial - and assess your company's requirements.

How Do Record Accounts Payables?

The outstanding payables report in TallyPrime offers you a summary of what your corporation owes for supplies, inventory, and benefits. You can get an outline of the amount and the creditors to whom you owe funds and check how much you owe each creditor and how prolonged the funds were owed. Organizing your outstanding payables will permit you to know the time-to-time expenditures, avoid overseeing the payments that you owe to the creditors, and help you control the cash flow in your company.

Parallel to the receivables report, TallyPrime offers you the right to select a view established on your choice. With pre-built configurations to customize the viewing of reports, TallyPrime allows you to analyze and slice and dice the reports the way you want.

With different options present you can notice your credit period, maintain vouchers bill-wise for a particular party, and even recompense bills at a click of a switch. When you acquire a considerable share and are incapable of paying at a time and have agreed to make partial payments in regular intervals, you can split such purchases into multiple bills. This allows you to follow the payment split against the invoice created and handle your outstanding payables systematically.


Tally an accounting cum ERP system is focused on delivering total workflow automation to provide relief to accountants and finance experts by taking huge responsibilities off their shoulders. And GST could be given a reference here where TallyPrime has not just made the journey on GST pathways a cakewalk by providing a return filing module. But it also updated its software solution as and when conversions were accepted into the GST law so the most suitable recruitment could be the updation of the E Way Bill prep module into the Tally s latest software module.

Tally is the most widely accustomed and approvingly adequate accounting software that drives an accountant's life more comfortably. Anyone curious about joining the accounting sector or following a successful career in accounting should understand Tally. This article shows how Tally functions and crucial Tally ERP 9 information. Tally ERP 9 is one of the benefits of embracing Tally. Small and medium-sized associations will help with this software. Similarly, the comfort of use is also the ambitious force that enables customers of financial data to adopt Tally as an ERP system for their companies. 

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