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Seep Gupta
Seep Gupta at August 21, 2022

Earlier, there was the concept of manual bookkeeping, with businesses and organisations doing manual accounting bookkeeping. But this has changed now, in this digital age, everything has become digitalised now. From e-accounting to e-invoicing, businesses are finding new ways to inculcate advanced and modern technology into their businesses. There’s a digital revolution that has taken place, starting from a stand-alone business applications to apps on mobile in this software era.

New-age technological business developments such as e-invoicing, accounting inventory and payroll software integration are gaining a lot of momentum and popularity nowadays. These digitalised technologies are also boosting business productivity and also helping the employees in getting rid of tedious and manual accounting bookkeeping.

Every business is trying hard to fit itself into ever-changing GST mandates. Nowadays, there is a lot of free accounting business software that is readily available online. This software is also helping businesses in adapting new GST mandates and compliances. Let us have a look-through of some of the popular business accounting software in India.


Realbooks is multi-dimensional accounting software that is suitable for both small and medium businesses to large businesses. It is equipped with a business intelligence system that gives businesses to access all the numbers and figures for core accounting purposes with MIS, KPIs and Dashboards.

It is truly reliable and scalable. Realbooks is a true friend for professionals and for small businesses. It has the ability to handle multiple transactions all at once in an effective and seamless manner. It also provides consolidated reports for branches or group companies along with auto-posting for inter-branches or companies.


Zohobooks is known for its automation and easy-to-adapt compliances. Zohobooks helps in managing the businesses’ finances, helps in complying with the ever-changing GST mandates, automation of business workflow and it has the capability to work with inter-departments also. 

Features of Zohobooks include accounting modules for eg receivables, payables, inventory, banking, timesheet, and contact and also helps in management and reporting. It is one of the most premium accounting software in India with more than 40 apps. Zohobooks is a fully-fledged GST-compliant software.

It can easily integrate with a business’s accounting software and with other apps as the business grows. Businesses can also create GST invoices, can know tax liability, and can directly file tax returns without any complications and hassle.


Quickbooks has around 4.5+ million customers around the globe. It is one of the most globally used accounting software. It’s an online account software and is a product of Intuit Corporation which is spread across 9 countries globally and comprises more than 9000 employees around the globe.

Quickbooks help in the easy and smooth facilitation of business anywhere and on any device. One can create custom and professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that can be readily sent in minutes. The online banking integration feature of the QuickBooks app helps in the automatic update of statements and transactions.

It is very helpful for small and medium-sized businesses as it helps to see customizable business reports instantly. It also tracks billable hours by clients or by employees and its unique feature also schedules recurring payments to save time.


Zenscale accounting software is part of Zenscale ERP that can run both individually or with other ERP modules. It is a type of SaaS-based software that works on a pay-as-you-use model and ready-to-use software module. It helps in easing and in the smooth running of the business. Zenscale is a cloud-based accounting software module.

As Zenscale is mostly operated online, businesses can share any financial and accounting data among other departments seamlessly in a few minutes without any obstacles. It is highly customised and cost-effective in nature. Zenscale’s software configuration, updates and backup can be managed automatically from the backend.

It has the ability to create and update records in one go, which reduces the double work of businesses. It can also make critical business decisions on the basis of financial reports and GST-related compliances.

Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP is considered to be one of the oldest accounting software in India. However, it has now reached international markets also such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and Kenya. With the help of the Tally ERP module, businesses can access tally software anywhere from their devices.

Generally, Tally ERP 9 provides two types of licenses such as perpetual and rental licenses.
However, tally ERP 9 is not fully-fledged accounting software. Its unique features include invoicing and accounting, inventory, credit, cash flow management etc.

Tally 9 is generally used by large business owners but SMBs or small medium-sized businesses can also access this software from anywhere on their device.

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