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Restoration of Cancelled GST Registration Introduced by CBIC

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 16, 2023

This move of restoration of cancelled Goods and Services tax by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes will provide satisfaction and relief to millions of taxpayers and will lessen their grievances whose registrations were cancelled suo moto and their period of revocation got lapsed. This facility can be availed on the Goods and Services (GST) online portal.

In this article, we discuss how to reactivate gst number after cancellation, how to activate cancelled gst registration, how to activate cancelled gst registration after 1 year, how to activate cancelled gst registration after 2 year, how to restore cancelled gst registration, how to reactivate cancelled gst number.

About Central Board of Indirect Taxes

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes is the national nodal agency that is responsible for administrating and facilitating the different types of taxes such as customs, GST, central excise tax, service tax and narcotics in India. It is an apex organisation that is responsible for the formulation and for managing of the policy related to indirect taxes in India.

The Procedure for Restoration of Cancelled Goods and Services Tax Registration

Taxpayers will restore their cancelled Goods and Services Tax registration by following some simple steps. These are given below:-

  • A separate functionality in the name of “Restoration of Cancelled Registration” has been developed recently on GST online portal. Taxpayers can go to the website of GST portal online and can go to the aforementioned section there.
  • This functionality of restoration of cancelled GST number will help millions of taxpayers to restore their cancelled Goods and Services Tax registration.
  • This functionality will cover the restoration of GST registration that got cancelled either due to suo moto way by range officers or cancellation on the request from the taxpayers.
  • Restoration of the GST registration that got cancelled because of the suo-moto process can be done without filling the restoration form REG-21.
  • Restoration of the cancelled GST registration can be done by filling out form no. GST REG-21.
  • One important thing to keep in mind is that the application for the restoration is required to be filed within 30 days of receiving the notice for the cancellation of GST registration. This was extended to 90 days on certain conditions.


Need for this Facility 

This facility has come off as a boon for the millions of taxpayers out there. This move was initiated after the orders and directions from the various appellate orders against the cancellation of GST registration passed suo-moto by various range officers.

Last year various High Courts such as Gujarat, Calcutta and Patna High Court also ruled out against the cancellation of Goods and Service Tax registration.

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