How to Resolve - “Processed with error” message while saving TRANS-1

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 22, 2023

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An error message - “Processed with error” is shown sometimes when we save the details of the existing registration while claiming transitional credit of the returns in Table 5 with heading “Amount of tax credit carried forward in the return filed under existing laws” in the TRAN 1 form in GST.

During Enrollment/ Registration, we were given an opportunity to enter details of the existing registration in Business Details tab. This error is displayed, in case the details of existing registration in TRAN 1 do not match the details of existing registration entered in the Registration/ Enrollment application.


So the resolution to the above problem is that we need to include the existing registrations in our Enrolment/ Registration details using the non-core amendment facility and then file TRAN-1 to claim the transitional credit.

The good news is that Non-core amendment field is amended on the spot as soon as we verify the correct and amended registration number through EVC or DSC.

While filing the application of non-core registration amendment, we MUST take care of the following at the relevant places in the Registration application:

  • Do not use special characters (-, /) while adding Service Tax No./ Central Excise No./ VAT/ TIN on the Business Details Tab.
  • Do not give duplicate e-mail or phone number for Promoters/ Partners or Authorized Signatories.
  • Check that the Service Accounting Code (SAC) provided during migration has been provided as per new service codes (and not the earlier ones).
  • Ensure that the STD code is entered correctly in the field provided and it is not entered in the field for entering the local Telephone number.
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