Post GST 30% of Uplift in the Efficiency of the Transport Sector

Team Masters India
Team Masters India at March 03, 2022

The Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, for the second time, strongly advocated the progressive impact of GST on the transport sector and mentioned about an upsurge and an uplift in the efficiency [30%] of the transport sector, while addressing the nation from the Red Fort on the occasion of the 71st Independence Day, on this 15th August’17.

He also gave specific pointers related to considerable reduction of time and cost in the industry in merely 45 days of the implementation of the revolutionary tax module.

For the first time, PM has mentioned it in his ‘Man ki baat’ about how the removal of inter-state borders will curb the operational costs and save a lot of nation’s and tax payers time, money and energy.


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