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Know About PAN FAQs

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 07, 2023


We know that to know all about PAN is quite impossible. So, we have gathered all the basic PAN FAQs in this article for your convenience.

Q1. What is a PAN?

Ans. PAN (Permanent Account Number) Is a 10 digit alphanumeric unique code that is issued by the Income Tax Department.

Q2. Who can apply for PAN?

Ans. Any individual who needs to file Income Tax Return is required to obtain PAN. Moreover, PAN is required for any financial transaction above 49,999 INR.

Q3. How do I apply for PAN?

Ans. There are two ways using which one can file PAN

(i) Online Process

PAN application can be made either online through the NSDL website

(ii) Offline Process

PAN application can be applied through any of the NSDL TIN-FC (Facilitation Center) or PAN Centres.

Q4. Are there any different PAN application forms for Indian and foreign citizens?

Ans. Yes, there are two different PAN forms:

(i) Form 49A for Indian Citizens
(ii) Form 49AA for foreign citizens

Q5. Can the PAN application form made on Plain Paper?

Ans. No, the PAN application form cannot be made on the paper. The applicant needs to furnish the forms prescribed by the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes.)

Q6. Are there any charges for obtaining the PAN application form?

Ans. No, the PAN application i.e., Form 49A or Form 49AA can be directly downloaded from the NSDL e-Gov-TIN website for free. However, photocopies of the same are also available at NSDL TIN-FCs.


Q7. Where to submit the PAN application?

Ans. The applicant can submit the PAN application form together with the supporting documents either to the NSDL TIN Facilitation centers or PAN centers. In case if it filed online than the acknowledgment slip together with the supporting documents must be sent to the INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Managed by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited).

Q8. Do I get any receiving on submission of the PAN application form to a TIN-FC?

Ans. Yes, the applicant receives an acknowledgment slip consisting of a 15 digit unique code on submission of the PAN application form.

Q9. What supporting documents need to be submitted together with the application form?

Ans. The applicant needs to submit the following documents together with the application form:

(i) ID Proof (POI)
(ii) Address Proof
(iii) Date of Birth Proof

However, it shall be noted that the proof of address and proof of identity depends upon the citizenship status of the applicant.

Q10. What if applicants cannot sign?

Ans. Any applicant who cannot sign needs to place the Left-Hand Thumb Impression on the PAN application form in at the signature column. However, the application form then needs to be attested with official seal and stamp either by

(i) A Magistrate or
(ii) A Notary Public or
(iii) A Gazetted Officer.

Q11. How to know the status of my PAN application?

Ans. There are different ways through which you can know the status of your PAN application.

(i) Via Online
To know the PAN application status, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Open the NSDL e-Gov -TIN website.

Step 2: Afterwards you need to click on the "Status track" option.

Step 3: Enter your unique 15 digit acknowledgment number received after 3 days of your application date.

(ii) Via SMS

You can also know the status of your PAN application via SMS using the registered mobile number. You just need to type "NSDLPAN" followed by your 15-digit acknowledgment number and send it to 57575. For instance SMS NSDLPAN 012345678123456 to 57575.

(iii) Via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To know the status of your PAN application through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you just need to call on 020-27218080 through your registered mobile number.

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