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Changes In GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C For FY 2019-20

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 07, 2023

Know the GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C Changes

The norms for filing GST annual return and Reconciliation statement, the GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C, have been recently relaxed by the Ministry of Finance. Simultaneously, several parts of these forms have been simplified to reduce the compliance burden on industry experts and business enterprises. Recent Update: In the Union Budget 2021, that was presented on 1 February 2021, the Finance Minister proposed to remove the concept of GST audit. Furthermore, she also suggested that GSTR-9 can be self-certified. If ratified by the GST council, GSTR- 9C will be eliminated. The Government is yet to announce the financial year from when this will be applicable. Important: The due date to file GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C for Financial Year 2019-20 is 31 March 2021. This article will briefly list the changes made in the format of GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C forms (for FY 2019-20).


Tables 4 And 5 - Details Of Outward Supply (Taxable And Not-Taxable)

  • For the Financial Year 2019-20, return filers can enter the net of debit note/credit note details and related amendments in tables 4B to 4E/5A to 5F instead of tables 4I to 4L/5H to 5K.
  • For exempt, nil-rated and non-GST supplies, return filers also have an option to report a single consolidated figure under ‘Exempted’ supplies in table 5D.

Table 6 - ITC Availed

  • Tables 6B, 6C, 6D, and 6E allows the taxpayer to report the details of all the Input Tax Credit availed under a single row (‘Inputs’) instead of elaborating the same.
  • In the case of ITC on reverse-charge. Taxpayers can report the details of tables 6C and 6D under table 6D directly.

Table 7 - ITC Reversal

  • The taxpayer has an option to either report the details of ITC reversed in tables 7A to 7E separately or report a single amount in table 7H (‘Other Reversals’).
  • ITC reversed based on TRAN I and TRAN II should be mandatorily reported in tables 7F and 7G respectively.


Table 8 - Other Information Related To ITC

  • The details available in GSTR-2A generated on 1 November 2019 for FY 2018-19, will be auto-populated in Table 8A. Furthermore, to download the invoice-wise details of Table 8A, taxpayers can click on the 'Download Table 8A Document Details' button that is available under the instructions tab in the GSTR-9 return.
  • Taxpayers can now upload details of ITC availed in tables 8A to 8D through a PDF file (From Form GSTR-9C, without a CA certification).
  • Details of ITC availed on reverse-charge and ITC on inward supplies received during the relevant FY, but availed in the succeeding FY, as per the period specified*, should be reported in Table 8C.

Tables 10-18 - Other Information

  • Transactions relating to the previous FY, but reported in the succeeding FY as per the period specified**, should be reported in Tables 10 to 14.
  • Tables 12 to 18 are made optional.

*In Table 8C, credit that was availed between April 2018 to March 2019 For FY 2017-18, has to be declared (on the value of ITC availed on all inward supplies received from July 2017 to March 2018). For FY 2018-19, the credit availed between April 2019 to September 2019 needs to be declared in Table 8C (on the value of ITC availed on all inward supplies received from April 2018 to March 2019). **For FY 2017-18, the particulars reported between April 2018 and March 2019 and for FY 2018-19, the particulars reported between April 2019 and September 2019 have to be declared.


  • Adding details in Tables 5B to 5N (Turnover adjustments) is made optional. Any related adjustments can be reported in Table 5O.
  • A taxpayer has an option to not fill in any details about ITC reconciliation, of the previous years, in tables 12B, 12C, and 14.
  • There are few minor changes in the declaration. ‘True and correct’ is now changed to “true and fair’.
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