GST Migration in Kerala

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at November 30, 2022

Details of GST Migration in Kerala

According to the most recent records, Kerala has walked in front of all other Indian states with practically 10% of the organizations migrating to the new tax structure. The all-India migration percentage remains at about 3% at the present time. The information shows that 10% of the taxpayer has completed the migration procedure while 14% have initiated their record and are changing over to the new framework.


In the case of services, the all-India percentage is 6% while in Kerala, this percentage is about 42% of the segment that has an active GST account and 14% have finished the migration process. Aside from this, the state government in Kerala has just reported its goal to finish the assessments and reassessments under VAT as quickly as time permits and even pronounced amnesty plans for the equivalent.

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