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Aadhaar Virtual ID – How to Generate Aadhaar VID Online?

Seep Gupta
Seep Gupta at March 24, 2023

What is Aadhaar Virtual ID or VID? 

The VID or Virtual ID is a random temporary 16-digit number that is mapped with the Aadhaarvirtual  number. It is issued by the UIDAI which is the Unique Identification Authority of India. The main purpose of Virtual ID is that it can be used in place of an Aadhaar card number when the Aadhar card is temporarily unavailable or can be used for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes. Now, you understand what is VID in GST.

Currently, there is not any expiry date for VID. It will be valid till the time new VID is generated by the Aadhaar card holder. The holder can ask for the retrieval of a previous Virtual ID in case his or her VID expires. In this case, the last active VID will be sent to the aadhar card holder.

UIDAI tracks the issue of Aadhaar data breaches via Virtual ID numbers. This is another purpose for VID numbers. Also, VID can also be used for Aadhar card download from UIDAI’s online portal.

Procedure to Generate Virtual ID of Aadhaar

The procedure for the generation of a Virtual ID or identity Card of Aadhar is a very simple process. Generation of Virtual ID number is important to use it against Aadhar. The Aadhaar virtual ID can be generated online in a very simple manner by visiting the official website of UIDAI. However, one should have his or her mobile number registered with UIDAI because, after generation, the VID will be sent to the person’s mobile number only. In case, the phone number isn’t registered with UIDAI which is the Unique Identification Authority of India, the person first has to link his or her mobile number with UIDAI.

The process of getting the VID or Virtual ID is as same as retrieving of Virtual ID. It’s a quite smooth and convenient process. The step-by-step process is given below:-

  • First, the person needs to visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • After reaching the official website of UIDAI, the person needs to click on the “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” from Generate Aadhaar VID Online.
  • Then the person will be taken to the new page named, VID Generation Page.
  • Select the option to generate a new VID if a person wants to generate a new Virtual ID. Otherwise, select retrieve VID.
  • After completing the above-mentioned step, enter 12 digit Aadhaar number, and security code and click on the, “Send OTP” button.
  • After this step, the person will receive an OTP on his or her mobile phone, enter the OTP that is received on the registered mobile phone number and then click on the “Verify and Proceed” button.
  • After this step, the 16-digit Virtual ID will be sent to the person’s registered mobile number. The person will get the msg regarding the 16-digit virtual ID for the Aadhaar Card and the last four digits of Aadhaar.
  • The person can manage not only his or her VID but he or she can manage others' and family’s VIDs too.


Features of Virtual ID or VID

There are a plethora of benefits and advantages of VID; these are given below:-

  • Generating a Virtual ID is not mandatory. A person can furnish his or her Aadhaar instead of VID.
  • The VID is valid till the user generates the new one.
  • Aadhaar number cannot be retrieved from the VID.
  • There is no cap on the generation of virtual IDs.


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