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Form GST EWB-02 Format

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 20, 2023


GST EWB-02 Form or we can say the consolidated e-way bill is a bill that is generated by the transporter at the time of transporting multiple consignments on single conveyance or vehicle. The EWB full form is  Electronic Way Bill. In simple words, EWB-02 Form becomes accessible for the person-in-charge of conveyance when he/she has to carry multiple consignments having different invoices on the same conveyance or vehicle.

Generating Consolidated e-Way Bills by furnishing EWB-02 Form

In case if an unregistered transporter wants to generate an e-Way Bill he/she needs to first enroll for the transporter ID on the e-Way Bill Portal. After enrolling, the transporter needs to mention the individual e-Way Bill number at the time of generating a consolidated e-way bill and the rest of the details will get auto-populated. If in case if the e-way bills were not generated due to the value of the consignment was less than 50K INR. In such a case, the first step of the transporter must be the generation of the e-Way Bills for these consignments and then generating the consolidated e-Way Bill. The transporter may also use an offline excel tool commonly known as a bulk-generation facility on the e-Way Bill Portal, in case if he/she wants to generate e-Way Bills in bulk. It shall be noted that the transporter or the user can cancel the consolidated e-Way Bill and update the conveyance number in it, if necessary.

GST EWB-02 Form Format

The transporter has to generate the GST EWB-02on the e-Way Bill portal. This form contains

  1. 12 digits consolidated e-Way Bill Number
  2. Consolidated e-Way Bill generation date
  3. Transporter ID
  4. Conveyance or Vehicle Number

The distance between Point A to Point B.

GST EWB-02 Form Format

Re-generate Consolidated EWB In case if the transporter wants to change the vehicle number in the Consolidated e-Way Bill, he/she can do that by choosing re-generate option. Here is the process through which a transporter can re-generate consolidated e-Way Bill.


Step 1: Open the e-Way Bill Portal


GST EWB-02 Form Format


Step 2: Log into the e-way bill portal using valid credentials.

GST EWB-02 Form Format

Step 3: Click on the e-Way Bill option and choose Consolidated EWB. Post selecting Consolidated EWB choose the Re-Generation option given from the pull-down menu.

GST EWB-02 Form Format

After selecting the option, you just either need to enter the 12 digits Consolidated e-Way Bill Number or you can select the consolidated e-Way Bill through date.

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