How to Fill Worksheets Using GSTR-4 Offline Tool

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at November 05, 2022

GSTN has launched an excel based GSTR-4 offline utility, which will assist the tax payers to prepare their GSTR-04 return offline. The below step by step process will familiarize you with it:

  1. The appropriate details are to be filled in the downloaded excel file [except inward supplies from registered tax payers and amendments tables].
  2. Confirm the entered details by clicking on the Validate tab on each worksheet.
  3. Should there be some errors in the columns and the system does not accept it, it would get highlighted in red and a pop up error message would also be visible in the column Sheet Validation Error.
  4. The system would not move ahead and will not upload until the validation error is rectified. When all the sheets are properly validated and updated, click on Get Summary to update the summary on the home tab.
  5. When the summary matches with the accounting records, you will get an icon Generate JSON File to upload to create a JSON file to be uploaded later on the GST portal [ http://gst.gov.in/ ]
  6. You can also save the JSON file for your records.


Should you still be confused about any intricacies involving filing of GSTR-04 and want to consult an expert, the proficient team at Masters India, a GST Suvidha Provider is here to help. autoTax from Masters India, a GST Suvidha Provider is a fully automated GST software, which along with other numerous functionalities also ensures that you always stay on top of it and be in the good books of the government by maintaining a high GST compliance rating.

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