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Filing GSTR-9 using autoTax GST Software

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 20, 2023

How to File GSTR-9 with autoTax GST Software

GSTR 9 is an annual return which needs to be filed by all registered taxpayers under GST that contains the crux of entire GST data furnished in monthly or quarterly GST returns. Taxpayers should search GSTR 9 software free download and get it at your PC, It will help you to file GSTR 9.

Other details like claimed ITC, claimed a refund, demand created, etc. are also to be furnished by taxpayers in this form. For FY 2017-18, data needs to be furnished for duration July 2017 to March 2018 in GSTR 9 form. The last date to file GSTR 9 for FY 2018-19 is 31 December 2020.

Fields That Gets Auto-Populated in GSTR-9 using autoTax GST Software

Based on details furnished in GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B, tables in GSTR-9 has been auto-filled by autoTax.

 autoTax GST Software auto-populates below tables in GSTR-9:

  • Table 4– details related to outward supplies made in the financial year on which tax is payable
  • Table 5- details related to outward supplies made in the financial year on which tax is not payable
  • Table 6* – total ITC availed in the financial year
  • Table 8* - Other ITC-related information
  • Table 9 – details of tax declared in returns filed during the financial year
  • Table 17 – HSN wise summary of outward supplies

The remaining tables need to be filed by the user.

*Missing information needs to be entered by the user.


A Quick Guide to File GSTR-9 on autoTax GST Software

  • Step – 1.   Firstly, GSTR 9 reconciliation software free download. Then, login to autoTax platform using credentials provided by Masters India IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 2.    You will be redirected to the homepage.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 3.    Choose GST Returns from the tile.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 4.    Afterwards choose GSTR9 from the drop-down menu of GST Returns.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 5.    After clicking on GSTR-9, the user will be redirected to GSTR – 9 Dashboard.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 6.    By default financial year will be selected and you will get a message stating Please select the 2017-18 year and March Month.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 7.    Select March Month and FY 2017-18 from the top to proceed.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step – 8.    In order to auto-populate GSTR9 you need to have authorization. For authorization click on GST OTP. After clicking on the GST OTP, click on Send OTP and verify the same.


autoTax GST Software


Note:    Make sure you check the Extend OTP option.

  • Step – 9.    Now come back to GSTR 9 Page by clicking on GSTR 9 from the left menu.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –10.    Click on Auto-Populate to download all your data in the tables from the API.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –11.      After clicking on the Auto Populate button a user will receive a message as GSTR9 Data has been successfully auto-populated after downloading GSTR 9.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –12.    After auto-populating GSTR 9 data, a user will be able to view table 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 details.

              • Table-4

autoTax GST Software


           • Table-5


autoTax GST Software


      • Table-6


autoTax GST Software


       •  Table-8 and Table-9


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –13. Moreover, a user can download Excel as well but excel contains only those data which was auto-populated from GST Portal. The user just has to click on the Download Excel button to do so.



  • Step –14.    A user can edit the form by clicking on Edit GSTR 9 Form either from the Top bar or can even select the edit button present on the bottom of the auto-populated file.

                  • Top button to Edit GSTR9 Form

autoTax GST Software


           • Bottom button to Edit GSTR9 Form


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –15.    After clicking on any of the Edit buttons, a user will be able to edit the form as per the below screenshots.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –16.     There is a field as HSN Wise Summary of outward supplies, in general, government don’t provide the same in the GSTR 9 API, therefore we extract the same month wise from getting HSN API’s. Therefore, a user has to click on Get Outward HSN, to download it from the API’s.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –17.    The user will be able to see the data in the relevant table after generating it.


autoTax GST Software


  • Step –18.    After amending the necessary details you have to click on the Save button.


autoTax GST Software


  •  Step –19.    After clicking on save, a message will appear as GSTR 9 data has been saved.


autoTax GST Software

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